A new male ambassador!

A new male ambassador!

You all know we recently launched our Yoga menswear line, which is getting rave reviews from yogis around the world. It opened up a whole new market for us, and with this market comes new male ambassadors. So excited to introduce our ambassador of the month Tyler Riberdy. You might also remember Tyler’s lovely partner, Malerie Golgan, who is also one of our ambassadors (read all about her here).

Q: Hi Tyler, tell me a little bit about you

T: Hi there! I am from New York originally and I moved to Georgia to run track for KSU (Kennesaw State University).

 Q: How and when did you start practicing yoga?

 T: Once I graduated I began to miss the physical outlet for growth that track and field had provided. I tried Acro Yoga at a jm and that is really where my practice started. I took my first hot yoga class with a friend of mine who didn't warn me about the heat beforehand and afterward I told him ‘don't ever ask me to go to one of those again’. Fast forward about 2 months and after practicing Acro consistently I realized I had become immensely more flexible and so I started taking hot yoga classes once a week and here I am 2 years later practicing around 4 times a week and loving it.

Q: What does practicing yoga means to you? In what aspect did it improve your life?

T: Practicing means that I am able to explore the full range of motion my body is capable of, while tuning into what I need, and I think that's where the improvement comes in. I am able to adapt my practice daily to the demands of my body and mind. It has become an amazing outlet for me to explore expression through the freedom to move my body in any way I please. It's quite liberating.

Q: What kind of yoga do you practice?

T: I typically will practice a variety of Vinyasa style classes with a little Yin sprinkled in here and there. I think finding that balance between a tough fast paced Vinyasa style and a slower restorative nature of Yin is really important when it comes to a sustainable weekly practice.

Q: What is the most important thing for you in your yoga outfit?

T: I really just look for something that feels good to move in. The feel takes precedence over the aesthetic of what I'm wearing during my practice and the only time I really think of it is when my movement is restricted in some way by the fabric.

 What made you become a Ripple ambassador?

 T: I saw the new men’s line and I really appreciate the increased awareness that there are actually men who have a consistent yoga practice. Men need options in a line that offers comfort and flexibility. I'm glad that I can help spread the word to my fellow yogis. The range of motion really is unbelievable. Men's clothes usually don't move like that.

Q: What is your favorite Ripple piece?

 T: The Unisex Slouchy Yoga Pants are super versatile. They offer full range of motion in any pose I've worn them in, without bunching or riding up.

* The new unisex yoga slouchy pants: $79, Sizes S-XL, Available in 6 colors. Get them here.

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 Hope you enjoyed reading the interview with Tyler! We sure did!

 See you soon!

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