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Ambassador Of The Month

In the past few weeks we have had so many exciting news for you, we haven’t introduced a new ambassador in a long time. So, we have a very very special one to introduce to you today.

You might recognize her from our website, her name is Liron, she is our house model, a yoga teacher for the past 16 years. For Liron, yoga is a way of life, she embraces the compassion, acceptance and spirituality in her daily life, she studies and teaches many yoga disciplines all over the world, their practice and their philosophy. She is a dear friend of mine and a big part of what Ripple Yoga Wear is.

When I started Ripple Yoga Wear, Liron was the first person I contacted, she helped me figure out the essence of our brand as well as the yogi needs, she is the first one to try any new design we have, helping us with the garment development, with better understanding of what works and what we need to fix. 

 *Liron’s interview is translated from Hebrew.

Q: Hi Liron, tell me a little bit about yourself

L: I have been a yoga teacher for the past 16 years. I have my own yoga studio. I'm 42 years old, happily married and I have 2 children.


Q: How and when did you start practicing yoga?

L: I began practicing yoga in 1997, I was a dancer and an aerobics instructor before. As I was suffering from knee problems, I started doing yoga and I found it to be the ultimate solution for me, at first, physically but looking back, I was apparently in search for something that will be a channel for a spiritual development as well.


Q: What does practicing yoga mean to you? In what aspect did it improve your life?

L: Yoga is a balancing factor for me, a way to connect to my inner self. I also think this happens to be the best body practice there is.


Q: What kind of yoga do you practice?

L: I mainly practice Viniasa Ashtanga yoga.


Q: What is the most important thing for you in your yoga outfit?

L: First, it must be comfortable, holds the body in the right places and then have a flattering silhouette.


Q: What made you become a Ripple ambassador?

L: Ripple garments are right for me, both in the design aspect and it fits my practice needs. I love it that Adva listens to what I am saying and working together with her to create this line is such an amazing experience.


Q: What is your favorite Ripple piece?

L: Ah, I love them all, how can I choose only one? If I must decide, then the extra-long slouchy yoga pants are just perfect and the Double Criss-Cross bras as well.

double criss cross yoga bra

Double Criss Cross Yoga Bra 

extra long slouchy yoga pants

Extra Long Slouchy Yoga Pants 

You can see Liron’s Yoga YouTube Channel here

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Hope you enjoyed reading the interview with Liron! We sure did!

See you soon!

The Ripple Team

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