Cyprus Love

Cyprus Love

A few weeks ago, my partner and I traveled to Cyprus for an intensive 5 days yoga retreat.

 We often do that, travel to yoga events around the world, especially now that we have Ripple Yoga Wear, it’s a perfect combination of a relaxing vacation, to recharge our energy and work on our body soul connection, while also expanding our knowledge in yoga techniques and better understanding the yoga-wear needs by meeting other yogis from around the world.

Cyprus was gorgeous; the retreat was everything we have hoped for. We met yoga teachers in training that fell in love with our Ripple Yoga Wear pieces, and were happy to try them out and share their thoughts about yoga and yoga wear:


About yoga: “For me, yoga is a reflection of my life, it’s a new way of living, learning, observing. It’s about self healing, being a better person to yourself and to others”.

Favorite Ripple piece: Extra long slouchy yoga pants

“I love the airy natural fabric, and that the pants are comfortable and stays in place, it keeps me concentrated on the pose rather than worrying about my outfit”.


About yoga: “Yoga is endless harmony, a healing breath that comes from the deepest points in our body, and released into the world. Yoga is about mind - body connection”

Favorite Ripple piece: zen warrior tights

“The natural soft breathing fabric combination and the design of these tights, are helping me reach a wonderful point of total dedication and perfection in my practice”.



 Adva & The Ripple Team

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*For a looser fit ( in all slouchy pants and jumpsuits especially in the cotton stonewash items ) we recommend to take one size up
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