Featured Shop: Ripple Yoga Wear

Featured Shop: Ripple Yoga Wear

A few weeks back, we have been lucky enough, to have our Ripple Yoga Wear shop featured in Etsy’s featured shop, it was an amazing honor.

Here are highlights from the article written by Valerie Rains. Read the full article to learn where Adva finds inspiration, her best tips for buying yoga wear online, and her most memorable yoga experiences.

Some designers measure their success in sales, others in status or celebrity fans. For Adva Bruner, a knitwear designer, teacher, and the creator of Ripple Yoga Wear, the goal is a much more grounded one. “One of the best compliments I’ve gotten was when someone told me that looking at the photos of my clothing made her want to start doing yoga,” Adva says. 

How did you get interested in designing yoga wear? Do you have any formal training?

I studied textile design in Shenkar College, which is considered to be one of the best fashion schools in the world; my major was knitting for fashion. For the last 10 years I’ve had my own business — which started with my knitwear and casual womenswear line, Duende Fashion.

When you started thinking about your line, did you feel like there was something specific missing from the market that you wanted to supply? What did you hope to create with this line?

I was looking for something for myself that was not synthetic, but it was really hard to find. Then I thought that, if I couldn’t find things that I liked, it might be that other people were having the same experience.

What is your favorite part of the process of designing this line?

I really love the first stage, when I have to think about the pattern and the shapes for a new collection — the time just before it’s born, when I’m still imagining it in my head. With my yoga line, it’s very important for me to try out every item before it goes online, because it has to be really comfortable; I try everything myself. I love to see it go from a sketch to a 3-D shape.

What are your best-selling designs, and how did you develop them?

One of my Ripple best sellers is my extra-long leggings, which are a combination of tights and leg warmers. They’re very long, so you can stretch them over your feet or have the slouchier leg warmer look. I do them every season in different fabrics and colors; sometimes I’ll dye them or print on them, too. I think it’s a must-have in every wardrobe if you’re a yogi or a dancer — or even if not. Another best seller would be my slouchy pants. These pants have a wide belt that really holds everything in place, but they have a loose fit on the body so they’re really comfortable to practice in.

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