India Trip, What Did I Pack?

India Trip, What Did I Pack?

 How do you even start packing for a month long trip in a place like India? I am planning on a lot of traveling, in the city and some hiking, do some yoga and explore, I need all of my clothes to be comfortable, easily washable and pack light. Luckily I have two fashion lines to keep me up to date!

From Ripple Yoga Wear I took the Slouchy Yoga Short, they are just perfect for any yoga practice in warm environment, and are actually the perfect shorts to travel in, and The Long Sleeve Cardigan to keep me warm in the evenings or after my practice.

The Criss Cross Yoga Tank Top and Bra, those two work so well together and can be worn day to night and with anything on top.

From Duende Fashion, my stylish comfortable knitwear collection, I am taking my favorite Harem Pants and The French Terry Pocket Pants; they are so comfortable, great for any time of the day and any occasion or situation.

The Wrap Dress, both in long sleeve and short sleeve, this dress is the perfect thing to throw on, no matter what your needs are, if I am in a more religious place, in a cooler temperature or walking around the markets in steaming Mumbai, it is also a fantastic solution to add another stylish layer on top of my yoga clothes.

What would you take with you?




PS Duende Fashion will be on vacation until March 3rd. The Ripple Yoga Wear shop is open.

Not sure about your size? 
*For a looser fit ( in all slouchy pants and jumpsuits especially in the cotton stonewash items ) we recommend to take one size up
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