It’s Time For India

It’s Time For India

My partner and I are traveling to India for a month; this will be my 4th time going back to this wildly magnificent place.

The first time I went to India was almost 20 years ago, I was a young woman, and like many of my friends I wanted to explore new cultures, I fell in love with India and with yoga back than.

I have traveled the world, but somehow I keep going back to the Indian subcontinent, as it seems to be an endless fountain of inspiration for me. It really is just marvelous, from the deserts of Rajasthan, through the Bangalore nightlife, from the beautiful beaches of Goa, to the colorful markets of Mumbai, you are always mesmerized and surprised wherever you go, with all 5 senses in full power.


I am looking forward for this trip, waiting to feel, touch, taste, hear and see new things, learn more about myself, have some quality time with my partner, do some yoga, relax, reconnect, get inspired, be amazed. As the Indian people like to say, “In India, everything is possible”.


We will be back in March, but our team is still here! So you can continue shopping your favorite yoga wear on our Ripple yoga wear website.


Yours, Adva & The Ripple Team

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