New York Our Way

New York Our Way

Ah New York, New York, a magnificent place, where the buildings are tall, the cabs are yellow and the yoga is everywhere! NYC is one of my favorite places to visit, I have traveled there many times, usually for short business trips, meetings, tradeshows and fashion shows, which always happen around February or beginning of September, so I either get the end of the summer, or dead winter, and never really managed to enjoy the city and experience it in spring.

Ho many times have I heard it? ‘There’s nothing like spring in New York City’, so this year, it was the first time I decided to skip the business part (well there was a little business after all), and just enjoy spring in the city for the first time. Let me tell you, whoever said it was right! NYC in springtime is just fantastic! As the weather gets warmer, the flowers and trees start to bloom, and even the infamous New Yorkers become nicer.

We found a lovely apartment in the lively McDougal Street in Greenwich Village (I always prefer finding a local apartment than a hotel room) with a trendy vegan restaurant at the end of the block (by Chloe- it’s highly recommended). We were walking around the city for days, sunbathed at the park, got inspired at the museum, and took some Pilates and yoga classes for the soul. We stumbled upon a wonderful place called ‘Yoga To The People’, a studio with a mission to make yoga available for everyone, and had a wonderful Pilates class with Elizabeth, an inspiring young actress / dancer / Pilates instructor.

Elizabeth and I clicked immediately, and I asked her to join me for a yoga practice at the park, and to become a ripple ambassador, as I felt she would represent our brand gracefully. Doing some yoga poses in the Central Park, with someone that was a stranger and is now a friend, wearing ripple, in the crisp spring air, between the Manhattan skyline, people strolling in the park and the cars honking, was spiritual in a whole new way. What a unique New York like experience.

These 12 days in the city with the perfect weather and the perfect partner were really all that I could have asked for, inspiring and relaxing for my body, and my soul. Now I think I really have to go back in the fall and check the foliage…


Adva and the ripple team

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