Ripple Ambassador #2

Ripple Ambassador #2

Remember when I was telling you about our amazing brand ambassadors? A wonderful group of inspiring women who has a unique lifestyle, a healthy and happy approach to life and of course, appreciation for yoga and yoga-wear.

This month we’re featuring a very special lady, who will be answering our ambassador of the month questionnaire, her name is Malerie Golgan.


Q: Hi Malerie, tell me a little bit about you:

Malerie: Hello! I am a full time yoga instructor based in Kennesaw, Georgia. I have been teaching for two years and I currently teach at Hot Yoga Kennesaw and Sacred Thread in Atlanta.

Q: How and when did you start practicing yoga?

Malerie: About four years ago. My first year was very on and off, but my practice grew more consistent over the next year. I started by watching YouTube videos at home. I found that it reduced stress from school and was relaxing before bed. I would light candles, place my mat in front of my fireplace and enjoy the ritual of it. After a few months I started taking classes offered in the recreation center of my university. I kept seeking more knowledge about the practice and eventually decided to get certified to teach. I initially had no intention of teaching. I only thought of it as a great way to learn as much as I could but in the end I couldn't help but share what I acquired through that time. 


Q: What does practicing yoga mean to you? In what aspect did it improve your life?

Malerie: Practicing yoga keeps me aware and has helped me to release negative energy acquired through life. Stress, anxiety, fear, and doubts come much less frequently. Aside from my own gains deepening my practice helps me to be a better teacher. It improves my understanding for what my students might need and allows me to be more helpful. 

Q: What kind of yoga do you practice?

Malerie: This is hands-down the question that always stumps me. I enjoy various types of yoga. I think that limiting yourself to one kind prevents you from growing in all areas. We tend to like the things that come naturally. More often we should step out of that comfort zone and challenge ourselves to find growth. A few of the kinds I practice are Yin, Acro Yoga, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. 


Q: What is the most important thing for you in your yoga outfit?

Malerie: I need something that makes me forget about the outfit and allows me to find the meditation of the practice. It needs to stay in place during inversions and match my level of flexibility. I want it to feel light and like an extension of myself which all of my ripple pieces do. 

Q: What made you become a ripple ambassador?

Malerie: I felt a connection to the brand and designer. Most of what is posted on social media regarding yoga is raw and very real life. People rolling out their mat in the kitchen and breaking out a flow in their pajamas. While I love the honesty of these posts as well as the reliability, in my own presence on social media I want to help portray the aesthetically beautiful ways of the practice and amplify it. I want there to be purpose and intention in the pictures. Playing with the angle the photo is taken, the outfit, and background to make a beautiful gallery marking my progress and hopefully inspiring others in their own. ripple's designs are not only practical but maintain this simple elegance I admire. The intention behind the cuts as well as the selection of fabric amplify the naturally artistic essence of the human form and asanas. 


Q: What is your favorite ripple piece?

Malerie: The Geometric Yoga Leggings are unlike any other leggings. The fabric is exceptionally airy and soft. 


Check out Malerie’s instagram and web page!

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