Why Yoga Is Like A Trip To The Desert

Why Yoga Is Like A Trip To The Desert

I celebrated my 42nd birthday last week; I went to my favorite spot where the desert meets the sea (more specifically, I went back to Sinai). Sinai and the desert are places where I clear my mind completely, but it’s easy to do so when the air is fresh and crisp, there’s endless sand, dunes and literally a sea of inspiration. 

You are in complete relaxation as you are so far away from any technology, your phone / computer / internet, hence your business self has no other choice than to stay behind, which is exactly what I needed to start that new year in my life.

If I think about my daily life, I think my home “Sinai” must be yoga. Yoga lets my mind go free in the middle of busy days,it gives me brief moments of peace of mind. By practicing yoga, I take time out of my busy day, to find a few minutes (or an hour) of quiet, to get calm and refocus my thoughts.

Yoga helps me achieve my own aspiration in life. When I started practicing yoga, the teacher told us “move your toes” I was sitting at the end of the studio, baffled, I couldn’t do it, and the teacher said “if you imagine them moving they will eventually move”. It was a mission, and it worked (many classes later, but still, it did).  Later I realized it’s a “yoga thing” I have heard this line from so many yoga teachers. Last week (before my birthday retreat), it happened to me again, the teacher asked to do a handstand, I was so tired I just couldn’t do it, then I closed my eyes and imagined myself doing a handstand, and when I opened them I did it. Call it getting into the zone, call it willpower, whatever you call it, it’s kind of like “if you build it they would come”, just imagine it, and you can make anything happen, what a bliss.

I take this attitude with me wherever I go and in whatever I do, being a yogi taught me to believe in my dreams and intentions. Sometimes i need to remind myself to stop, close my eyes, focus, imagine and understand what it is that I am about to do and how I should do it, and then open my eyes and conquer it. I have dreamed my successful Duende Fashion line 9 years ago, I have dreamed of bringing you Ripple Yoga Wear a year ago, and now I am working on a yoga menswear line, selling in boutiques around the world and have amazing supportive customers, beautiful friends and one big love. 

Oh and yes, I have imagined seeing a seahorse and after 20 years of diving trips around the world, I finally did, I think it was the universe way of saying “Happy 42nd birthday Adva, dreams do come true”…



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