Yoga For All

Yoga For All

Last week, I gathered together some yogi friends, 2 photographers and some Ripple Yoga Wear garments for a photographed outdoors yoga session in a magical place. 8 totally different people with different shape, form,  size and body type, men and women, 8 yogis who came with me on an adventure, to practice together for the first time in an enchanting garden.

Ramat Hanadiv is an enchanting garden in Zikhron Ya'akov (the southern end of Mount Carmel) dedicated to the memory of Baron Edmond de Rothschild and his family. Ramat Hanadiv's vision focuses on the creation of sustainable interactions between man, nature and the environment. We figured the gorgeous spring air and the blooming flora around, would work perfectly as a backdrop to our new Ripple collection photoshoot.

We started by doing a group practice, and then each of us went and did their own personal workout, and the photographers were going around catching a glimpses of our yoga wear being used, worn, enjoyed.

It was a great day. First of all, before anything else, I love seeing people enjoying my yoga wear, I have created Ripple for people who love what they are wearing, I design Ripple based on your needs and comments and I love doing it. I love seeing it take form, come to life on real people. Second of all, seeing this collection on so many body types, held in so many poses, I know we are doing it right, that our clothes are working for you while you are working out! Last but not least, I am thankful for the sense of community we have created, where yogis from all over become one and connect through Ripple. All this truly gives me joy.

P.S. The new collection is coming really soon…




Adva & the Ripple team.


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