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As part of creating a global yogic community, we believe in the power of human connection, in people coming together and sharing ideas and opinions. When we come together everyone benefits and grows exponentially!

Our ambassadors get a special
discount or promotion from us
every month! We offer a 20%
discount code for teachers and a 12%
code for students/followers.

Ambassador's Program:

Teachers, this program is for you!

Our ambassadors' program is intended to make our yoga wear more accessible specifically to yoga teachers.

It is based on the understanding that you, as teachers, live in activewear, and our belief is that wearing healthy, natural fabrics and comfortable designs can benefit you the most.

We strongly believe that the best advertising for our products is the genuine recommendations of yogis who tried and tested them on their own skin.

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Our Lotus club members receive

a unique monthly treat or a special

offer and a welcome gift from us: $100

to spend on our website!

The Lotus Club:
Devoted yogis this program is for you!
We believe that devotion and loyalty to the practice, to yourself
and to us means that you deserve a reward (:
Ripple customers who spend $800 or more (in total) on our
website will automatically be entered into our exclusive Lotus