About Ripple Yoga Wear

Ripple yoga wear provides athletic apparel for yoga and pilates lovers. Our clothes are influenced by the philosophy and principles of yoga.

We help maximize your practice by supporting your concentration on breathing, motion and strength rather than on the inevitable flaws of our body. At the core of our products stands the superb quality of our fabrics. All ripple yoga clothes are made from natural fabrics. We use high-quality cotton, organic cotton stonewashed cotton and modal fabric, all fabric dyes are eco friendly. The soft touch is a reminder that ripple is made with love. Our comfortable fabric will enable you to sweat your worries away and indulge in an exhilarating experience. We strive to spur ripples of good vibes in people’s lives.


Our products meet the needs of the modern yogi as they are flexible to changes, functional in their essence and fabulous in style.

Not sure about your size? 
*For a looser fit ( in all slouchy pants and jumpsuits) we recommend to take one size up
**not sure about your size? contact us
***For our unisex items check the women size chart