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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple's Year of Reflection: Community, Sustainability, and Innovation
The journey we took this year was filled with challenges, innovations, and connections. We are filled with gratitude and excitement as we reflect on these moments.

United in Purpose: Our Website Transformation

Earlier this year, we successfully merged our Israeli and international websites into a single platform with local currency transactions, diversified payment options, and express delivery capability. These enhancements were more than just functional improvements; they were a testament to our commitment to accessibility and inclusiveness. This ensured that our community could seamlessly shop on our website with a streamlined customer experience, regardless of where they were.

Spring Cleaning Sale: A Sustainable Step

Our continuous commitment to sustainability has driven us to initiate a Spring Cleaning Sale in April. The spring cleaning initiative refreshed our inventory and continued our commitment to environmental responsibility.
Since that moment, we have strategically emphasised the importance of creating items that align with the preferences and needs of our customers. As a result, excess production is minimised, and we ensure that we produce only what customers want.

Organic Collection: Inspired by You

One of the year's highlights was the launch of our Organic Collection! This collection was developed after surveying our customers and signifies our commitment to their needs and desires. As part of this collection, we offered new products and built more profound relationships with our community, reflecting on their preferences and reaffirming our commitment to sustainable fashion.

Collaborative Spirits: Blissoma and Yoga Cards

This year's collaboration journey was inspiring! Our collaboration with Blissoma has been a pleasure, as the company shares the same values as we do! It wasn't just about promoting products but also about celebrating shared ideals, sustainability, and compassion.
Additionally, our ambassador, Brittany Andrews, designed a set of yoga cards that combine yoga with Ripple's elegance. The cards were more than just instructional tools; they were a fusion of fashion, culture, and art.

Best-selling Highlights

This year, our bestsellers included the Yoga Jumpsuit, Slouchy Unisex Yoga Pants, Slouchy Yoga Shorts, V Back Jumpsuit, and Criss Cross Tank Top, with black, pecan, and dark grey emerging as the most popular colours. They didn't just sell; they resonated with our community's desire for comfort, style, and sustainability.

Deepening Connections: Our Community and Values

Our meaningful dialogues with you, our valued community, have shaped our journey throughout this year. As we have engaged with you several times, we have been inspired by your support and shared values!
Additionally, we strengthened relationships with yoga teachers, brand ambassadors, and wholesalers. We have not just added them to our community, but we have also introduced them to our community, fostering a sense of mutual support and shared values.

Looking Ahead: Our Vision for Tomorrow

With the new year upon us, we have clear and ambitious goals. We aim to expand into new markets, deepen customer relationships, expand collaborations, explore new sustainable materials, and keep innovating in yoga and loungewear. Our commitment remains to make sustainable practice clothes from natural fabrics widely available.
Together, let's embrace a lifestyle of sustainability, comfort, and true human connection.