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Get to know our
soft comfy fabrics:

Modal Fabric:

Soft, breathable and eco-friendly, the Modal Fabric is a bio-based fabric made from the bark of the beech tree. It’s production involves minimal water usage, and being completely natural and biodegradable.  

Stonewash Cotton:

Our Stonewash pieces start with eco-friendly cotton, grown with 30-40% less spraying and decreased water usage. We receive the fabric in its raw form, and go on to cut and sew our patterns. We then continue to the washing and dyeing processes, reducing usage of water, chemicals and energy.

Organic Cotton:

Grown from organic seeds on organically nourished fields and harvested in eco-friendly and socially respectful methods, our Organic Cotton goes on to be treated with organic dyes in a closed circuit, ecological dyeing process. We proudly meet GOTS strict standards for organic fibers.