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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Ethical
Three central pillars stand at the core of Ripple’s guiding values; we are sustainable, eco-friendly
and ethical.
Here at Ripple, we believe that the clothes we wear while practicing are part of a holistic experience,
and can support our practice and growth. With that in mind, we have distanced ourselves from
plastic-filled synthetics that can have an adversary affect on our skin and respiratory systems (and
the environment!), and focus exclusively on clothes that are natural, breathable, and non-toxic.
We strive for sustainability and seek to minimize our Carbon Footprint by manufacturing locally, reusing and recycling all of our byproducts, using vegan, non-toxic dyes in our dying process and packing our products in lovely reusable fabric bags.

Choosing eco-friendly, sustainable clothing is easy, as our fabrics are of the highest quality and
undergo a meticulous production process that ensures they are both durable and made to last!
Ripple clothes are made from natural eco-friendly materials such as Modal, Cotton, and Viscose.
All of our fabrics are plant-based, natural, sustainable, durable, and toxin-free, and they all conform
to the highest European standards. Our Organic Cotton line is GOTS certified which ensures fabric
quality, and environmentally friendly production processes, and high social criteria pertaining to
labor conditions.

Our goal as yogis
is to make clothes
that feel good to
wear, consciously.
From design to
fabrics to customer
support, we want
to promote respect
for our bodies, for
other people, and
for the planet. To
us, this means an
ethical approach and
transparency on all
levels of production,
and fair trade
standards through
and through.

Yoga teaches us to be mindful of our energy and resources
- be it our own physical and emotional assets, or the limited
natural resources of our planet.
Ripple makes yoga clothes that support your movement,
breathing and natural flow so that you can focus your energy
and attention on your body and your practice.
What started off as a project of passion has developed into
a business that is indistinguishable from its morals.
Ripple, made with love and respect for people and the planet.