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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Meeting Lauren Taus

Meet Lauren Taus a therapist, teacher, writer and speaker from California.

I met Lauren last week as she was leading The #TausTribe yoga retreat in Israel. She showed her friends Tel Aviv city and beautiful Israel. I was exited to meet Lauren who is such a positive an inspiring woman.  

I was happy to see what she wrote on her Instagram page a few days later:

"We practiced yoga, meditation and we eye gazed. We also danced and dived into the ocean in the middle of the night. We felt the pulse of Israeli life, which for me is always heightened here in a land of constant conflict. The highs and lows are bigger. You feel more. Holding a safe container for everyone’s exploration is an honor. Because I’ve spent so much time here, I have heaps of local friends and showing my tribe how Israelis really live makes the experience more profound. I was especially excited to connect with Ripple Yoga Wear designer Adva Bruner and the talented photographer Ronit Cohen at the beach to make some magic for all of you."

Towards the end of the day Lauren Had to go, the light was great so Ronit ( AKA roco runs) made me stand in front of her camera :)