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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple in NYC

Last spring we've visited NYC and captured the lifestyle of three amazing yoginis and the way they combine life and yoga in the big city.

Meet Beautiful Sharron, an ambassador for Ripple Yoga Wear - she's an actress and a professional dancer who balances her body and mind with daily yoga practice. We visited her in New York and heard more about her life and to photograph her in our new items. This is what she had to say about wearing Ripple's natural yoga clothes.

Meet Tal, a professional surfer, practices yoga to balance her body and mind amidst the hecticness of the city. We visited her in New-York, where she took us through her busy, fun, active day-to-day life, and told us why she's been a Ripple yogi for years.

Meet Bryn the beautiful owner of Yagamaya New York, an oasis of peace and serenity in the middle of the bustling city. Bryn is a devoted yogini, practicing and sharing the philosophy of yoga for the last 19 years. We know Bryn for a few years now, she was a Ripple customer who became our dear ambassador and now even carries our line in her studio.