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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple's Japanese Love Story

We have exciting pictures of Ripple in Japan!

But first, a touching love story :)

Adva, our head designer and owner, lived in Japan 22 years ago, and fell in love with the culture, scenery, flavors and people. Shortly after returning to Israel, she met Liran, fell in love, and while they have traveled together to many places, she has not been back to Japan.

This August, Adva and Liran celebrated their 20th (!!) anniversary, left the studio employees all alone for almost two months, and went on a much deserved honeymoon trip in the land of the rising sun. 

Adva <3 Liran

At the risk of embarrassing my boss, I want to share with Ripple yogis the love we have for these two lovely souls, and the excitement we feel about sharing these pictures. Ripple is a tight family, and is very much the product of the love Adva and Liran share for yoga, the planet, Ripple's employees and customers, and to each other. Being the kind of people who infuse their love and passion into everything they do and everywhere they go, they have met yogis all over Japan, lived and breathed Ripple, and sent us love and lovely pictures throughout their journey. 

Liran <3 Adva 

Here's a little glimpse into some of the people and places that have made this trip even more special for them!

Chiemi is an incredible yoga teacher, with great skill and a great vision. She runs Divya yoga studio in Chitose, Hokkaido - Japan's northern island. This part of Japan is thinly populated, and while it's full of nature and wildlife, it doesn't have a lot of yoga studios, or a lot of practitioners.

Chiemi has decided to become a yoga teacher while living in New-York, and has brought the practice back to her homeland, with the aspiration of introducing more people to the benefits and joy of yoga.

From the green and lush outdoors, we moved to our next photoshoot location In Sapporo, Hokkaido's capital.  

Lovely Saho took us, literally by the hand, and showed us around the city. This gorgeous yogini doesn't speak much English, but while our verbal communication was very limited, it was one of the funniest photoshoot days in the history of Ripple. 


Saho is a bundle of energy and laughter and mischief, and her good vibes are extremely contagious. She teaches yoga in a few places in Sapporo, and her dream is to learn English and teach yoga around the world. 

She even did an improvised class for two young manga enthusiasts, in full cosplay outfits!

As it started raining, the photoshoot moved down to Sapporo's underground streets. As the city has very extreme weather, and gets very cold in winter, it has an entire underground network of streets and shops. 

Saho made sure that we kept warm and happy, and that our stomachs were full and happy, too.