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Behind the photoshoot at the beach

Right before the year ended, we went off to one last photoshoot to close 2022 with high energies. This time we stayed close to home, at our local beach, where Adva (ripple’s founder) goes for her morning swim. Yes, in the ocean, even in winter. Talk about dedication, what an inspiration!

This photoshoot was very special and gave us a lot of amazing pictures as well as fun exciting memories with amazing women! The fun part of the photoshoot is getting to know women from different backgrounds and life experience and see how they dance so well together. These days are always unique and special.

So let's get to know the women who joined us this time and learn more about their experience!  

Feygi Bones Aharon, 32 years old, mother to Hilel (12) and Shira (9). She’s a kindergarten teacher at an anthroposophical kindergarten and both an athlete and a surfer.
We met Feygi in a café, where our social media manager noticed her and decided to approach.

How was your personal experience in the photoshoot?
“It’s fun to meet different people from different backgrounds and culture, the atmosphere was wonderful with charming people. I enjoyed the sea, the photoshoot was at the beach where I surf so it was nice.

Personal message:
"Always dare to go a step beyond your boundaries, the temporary discomfort will bring you one step closer to your dreams".

Personal challenge:
“My life is full of interesting challenges, the day of the photoshoot posed a social challenge for me. It’s not easy for me to open up and be loose with people I don’t know. I was happy to get through that challenge and be part of the ripple brand".

Tal Eden, 21, From Even Yehuda. She recently finished her army service and taking some time off, listening to her body, searching and exploring what’s the next step for her.

“When I first met the Yoga practice, a new world opened up to me, that changed my view of life. I am currently practicing and studying in a yoga teacher course.”
“In the last year iv'e been going through a process around the way I look at material things in my life. As part of this process, a path started coming clear, which leads me again and again to choose simplicity, choosing physical and mental comfort, and the environment."

How did you get to know ripple?
When I started leaning more towards minimalism and environmental awareness, I met ripple through my Yoga teacher. I fell in love with the clothes, with the attention to details and the precision in which they are created, I love the comfort they enable while I practice. I feel a deep connection to the agenda, of sustainable and environmental thinking, local production and women empowerment.

How was your personal experience in the photoshoot?
If I want to describe the photoshoot in one word, for me it’s - Comfort. I was happy about the opportunity and from the moment I got there, I felt at home. The entire day consisted of lightness, family and professional dedication. I managed to free myself from thoughts and feel peace with myself.

Personal message:
We are a part of nature, and we have an obligation to it. It all starts with awareness, each of us can help preserve the environment with small daily things.

Personal challenge:
A few years ago I was struggling with an eating disorder. I went through an amazing and complex therapy. I learned in that time, about the ability of the body and the environment to signal us about distress, danger or a place that’s not right for us to be in, about peacefulness, and the direction in which we should walk or the place where we will bloom. The body is connected to nature, the universe and destiny through deep roots. Good things will happen if we learn to listen.

I am Anaiyah, my name means the eyes of god and I like human connection, the more the better. That includes pluralism, so I enjoy talking and listening to people and understanding all that they are, I think it’s important for a better world that revolves around unconditional love.

How did you get to know ripple?
I came in contact with ripple through their agency when they offered me an opportunity to model. Since then their items have become a favorite of mine for my everyday, and daily workouts.

How was your personal experience in the photoshoot?
Honestly and this is really my experience, I get really excited working with Ripple because the people surrounding the shoots are so much fun!! I feel comfortable posing and dancing on set because they are so loving and inviting.

Personal message:
A message I’d like to share to everyone is that growth is essential for humanity and while change may seem scary we should all look forward to it no matter how much our past seems appealing, trust yourself and do not settle into a comfort zone.    

Personal challenge:
A difficulty that I am overcoming is one where I use to guilt trip myself over things that I have done in my past and feel the need to over explain myself to others. But the truth is you can not expect growth understand of life and maturity without trial and error so I've been learning to embrace my mistakes and it lift weights off of my shoulders.  

Wow, such an inspiring group of women, each with their own background and life experiences, bringing her unique light. We are so fortunate to have these relationships with so many amazing women!
Thank you all!