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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple is Cooking Something New!

We have a surprise for you!!!

It is the product of months of planning, brainstorming, and research. It is the fruits of incredible cooperation's with an assortment of distinct and varied individuals!

We have spent months deliberating these ideas, test driving new suggestions, getting feedback from a diverse pool of specialty testers, and perfecting the concept…

And now, it is almost ripe and ready to be shared with you!

It was one of the most thrilling, exciting, and fulfilling days we have experienced in a while!

This whole thing was born from you! Our loyal customers, you have shared your thoughts, ideas, and feedback with us along this path of growth and development, and we have made it our mission to listen, and always strive to improve!





And so this fantastic project was born.

The way in which we practice yoga has undergone tremendous transformations over the past few months.

The COVID epidemic has moved us to find new and creative ways to maintain our practice alive and flowing. Many of us moved our practice to open spaces...

Luckily, the sun, wind, earth, and sky always welcome us with open arms.







With this in mind, it seemed fitting that the photoshoot day that is to capture and present this new and exciting project would begin with a perfect sunrise at the beach (one of our favorite ways to start the day - and how not, for it fills us with energy and anticipation for the day ahead).






From there we went on to the beautiful house of one of the biggest heart artists we know, continued to climb onto the rooftop of a Tel Aviv building - for a better view and a different perspective, and then onto a stunning secret location that left our jaws in the dust.



What a day, and this is just a short cap of the scenery…


Top these beautiful backdrop terrains with a professional, friendly, skillful, patient, and of course fun team, and you’ve got a winning recipe!!!

We can barely contain ourselves with excitement, and can’t wait to share with you the fruits of this creation!






And while patience may not be our greatest virtue…

we’re holding tight…



So with a heap-load of enthusiasm, we invite you to stay tuned, for something big and exciting!

See you soon,

The Ripple Team