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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Expansion of Mind & Sizes!

We invite you to join us on a journey through time with the story of Ripple.
And so, like any good story, we will start at the beginning, when Ripple was still young and the main thing that motivated us was the desire to create the perfect product for any and all yogi or yogini out there.

We started to meet, connect and talk with as many yogis as possible, of all shapes and sizes, genders, style preferences… 

We quickly realized that the task was more complex than we thought!

However, the concept that yoga is all-embracing continued to hover over us and our head designer, Adva, was driven and determined to come up with the perfect garment.

After loads of measuring, sewing, fraying, re-sowing, many trials, and a few errors as well, the perfect item for yoga practice was born: The Slouchy Capri Pants!

This product is extremely special because it has been part of Ripple's first collection!

Thanks to the precise way the bottom cuff and the wide elastic waistband hold everything exactly where it is supposed to stay.

The Slouchy Capri Pants reflect the important yoga teaching that life is a balance between holding and releasing, between structure and freedom of movement.

The design of the diagonal seam flows with the body, complementing in shape, and allowing freedom of movement while maintaining the garment’s shape and characteristics.
To top this off, we added side pockets that give both efficiency and incredible style to the pants.

After we found the perfect pants, we couldn’t stop there!
On the contrary, we just became more motivated to continue to fine-tune and develop the product so that it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

And so, we continue to move through time... 

After a little historical review of the product, we are progressing on our timeline to a period that started a few months back, we dove deeper into diversity, researched and realized that even though the product did fit almost any body type and shape, we want to expand and increase our range of sizes to cover an even wider spectrum.

Another grueling yet satisfying journey of measurements, repairs, and experimentation took place…

And so we reach to the here and now…

We are beyond ourselves with excitement in announcing that with the arrival of Spring we have expanded our sizes, and added two more options to the Slouchy Capri Pants collection: XS and XXL.

They are available for you now!!

Here at Ripple, we value our clientele and their opinion, which is why our quest never stops!
In our future, there are even more new sizes, new colors, and new designs, so stay tuned!