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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple's adventures from exotic Costa Rica!

We are over the moon with excitement to share with you adventures from our trip to Costa Rica!  However, as we are still deep in the midst of this wonderful journey, here is a little behind-the-scenes sneak peek at some of the breathtaking photoshoot days we had.

Our first visit to Costa Rica was 20 years ago when the yoga and wellness world had just begun to sprout buds in the area at that time.

Many yogis from around the world have shared with us that they were going to practice yoga in the Santa Teresa area and so we were more than eager to check it out and feel the magic ourselves.

For us, these photoshoots and on-road collaborations spark motivating and empowering connections with wonderful yoginis.  Each with a unique and fascinating story which we try to capture for you through the camera lens. 

Our first photoshoot was with Nancy and Madison.  

Madison is a yoga teacher who has lived here for over 5 years with her partner who is a surfing instructor.

Nancy lives here with her family and has been teaching yoga here for over 20 years.  She conducts retreats and teaches in a wonderful place she founded herself named "Parna Mar", where we held part of the photoshoot.

Then we met Rima, an American yoga teacher of Lebanese descent who lives here with her partner who just happens to also be a surfing teacher as well as a vegan chef.

The meeting with Rima enhanced in us the gratitude for the universal language of yoga!  Yoga connects people to themselves and to one another, it allows for authentic dialogue, it is a language that knows no barriers and recognizes no borders, and it is the fertile ground that nourishes this wonderful collaboration and friendship between Rima and us in a world where our Passports do not allow us to visit each other's homes.  

Next we met Christina, a yogini from Brazil who has lived in Costa Rica for the past 18 years. Besides teaching yoga she's also doing hypnotherapy, shamanic meditation, and akashic record readings!

Antonia a yogini from Chile, who has been traveling the world for 3 years, a yoga teacher and a psychologist.

Victoria who teaches yoga in Chile and is also astrologer.

And the German Anke who teaches yoga and holds yoga retreats in striking destinations all over the world.

The Argentinian Lupe who teaches yoga here and works in the most indulgent place in the area: Thea.


And Miriam who holds women's retreats for self-seeking and the exploration of meaning.

The truth is, we can continue to write pages and pages about each of these amazing women, but what is most important to us is to emphasize that meeting all these beautiful people is a direct fulfillment of Ripple's values of respect for people and nature.

While each in herself is an intriguing and beautiful yogini, together they are a part of a bigger human mosiac that illuminated to us a deeper understanding of yoga as a guide to our inner truth, softening the inner critic and bringing us closer to our heart's courage to act in our true nature.

Consider this post as a teaser!

We promise you'll get the full story of each one including the awsome photos, so stay tuned (: