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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

The Search of the Perfect Knitwear!

The peak of winter is upon us, and this is a great opportunity to tell you about two very special winter items: Knitted Braided Box Sweater & Knitted Kimono.

These two items not only look amazing but also incorporate the values and passions of our chief designer, Adva and her great love for knitting. In her years as a lecturer at Shenkar College of Design (the largest college of fashion design studies in Israel), she researched and taught various techniques, and she still enjoys teaching classes as the "in house" knitting expert.

In 2015, Adva started Ripple as a home base for her creativity and her passion for yoga. Alongside eco-friendly, sustainable yoga apparel, she created a beautiful lounge line with items that complement the yoga wear, look and feel perfect on the way to and from class, or basically anywhere you want.

As a devoted yogini who aspires to care for the planet through every aspect of her life, Adva had to find creative ways to fulfill her passion in a sustainable manner.  It took a lot of searching, but she didn't rest until she found an eco-friendly, natural, vegan alternative that is as comfortable to wear as it is beautiful to look at.

And so came the Viscose!

This special textile is made of bark, and, as a cherry on our vegan cake, the production process is considered extremely ecological, using less water in the production process than other fabrics, and reducing our Carbon Footprint.  On top of that, it is extremely durable and sturdy, giving the item weight and a feeling of hugging the body.

After playing and exploring with the fiber, we discovered that it has an amazing ability to isolate heat. This is derived from the tube-like structure of the fiber that holds within it a layer of air that acts as insulation, keeping heat close to the body.  There is no doubt that in the vegan clothing industry it is like winning the lottery.

Once we realized that the Viscose meets all our needs, it was important to Adva that the whole process would be one that is both ecological and fair trade.
And so the fiber arrives all the way from Italy, while the magic happens here in the Land of Israel.

Your endless search for high quality, ethically made clothing that is both warm and durable is over, and thus the perfect items for the cold days were born.

The Knitted Kimono was released last spring, and has a winter-ish style, but is also perfect for those transitional days, that in-between season period.

The Knitted Braided Box Sweater is a special piece that is part of our 2019-2020 winter collection. This perfect sweater made from 90% viscose and 10% linen. It goes through a unique process to become a very specific knitting ribbon which in turn gives this beautiful sweater its full body feel.  

We are proud to create items that feel good to wear, physically and ethically. 
Thank you for the never-ending support!

The Ripple Family