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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Our Ambassador Hadar & A journey of courage

Meet the wonderful Hadar.

A Ripple ambassador, but more than that, an ambassador of courage with a story we couldn't help but relate to.

This dear yogini has expanded our hearts with joy and awoke within us a deep sense of freedom and trust.

Born and raised in Israel, arts and sports have always been a part of Hadar's life and interests, and yoga found it's way into her life in her early 20's, with her move to Tel Aviv.

"I have always felt that yoga completes and compliments the connection between body and soul,"  she says, "creating a space that allows us to slow down and deepen our breath, synchronizing the connection between the inner world and the physical world".  

At the age of 30, Hadar's life was picturesque; a stable relationship, a career as a water engineer, comfortable and convenient... but something was missing.

Hadar shared that she almost gave up on some old dusty dreams because of the paralyzing fear of breaking a routine and getting out of her comfort zone.

We immediately empathized with her feelings. It is sometimes difficult to stray away from the known and familiar routine towards new uncharted territory. 

And so, tucked deep within her soul, Hadar had a Now or Never moment, embracing her feeling that the game of life could not be paused, she left behind everything she had built and replaced it with a magical life-changing journey.

Four years prior, during a trip to Guatemala, a seed was planted when her path crossed with that of Doron Hanoch - a yoga teacher and founder of a yoga center in Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala who invited her to his Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. 

"I remember he told me it can change my life!".

Without knowing a seed began to grow deep roots within her soul. This last April, she has summoned up the courage and leaped into this great adventure, heartbroken, scared and at the same time with faith in her heart, she took a "break" from her life to go inwards and explore.

As she dived into her yoga practice, a clearer connection to herself was created. Strong emotions and challenging questions about herself arose, but deep down in her heart, the message was loud and clear: "Trust yourself!"

And as it was said, her life has changed profoundly. The "break" she took from her life has become a 9-month journey in South America and the US, which includes cosmic encounters, yoga, art, and interpersonal connection.

This lifestyle proved perfect for practicing the essence of Ashtanga yoga, and to prove time and time again how the breaking of old habits and patterns and the silencing of internal judgment feeds cleaner more authentic communication, and  creates beautiful interactions and human connections.   

For the first time in a long time, Hadar found herself happy and reconciled, connecting with people that come her way on a much deeper level.

"The most important thing I have learned is that when you dare release something from the past, even when it is frightening, new and unexpected, doors open".

On she went, following new connections and friendships, studying art in Peru and then to Mexico where she has met our wonderful and talented photographer Ronit.  

Today Hadar continues to spread her wings and trust the winds of change. We love that she is part of the Ripple family, and represents for us the spark that yoga ignites in life, inspiring us to release things from the past, and live in the now.

"There is no doubt that yoga has been a driving force throughout my journey. Through yoga, I have found the courage to trust myself and venture outside my comfort zone."