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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Jumpsuit Spotlight

The story of our bestseller yoga jumpsuit starts as all good stories do…
Once upon a time Adva, our chief designer and founder of Ripple, was at the International Yoga Festival in Israel where she was approached by one of our customers, a magical yoga fairy who whispered a message in her ear “Make a yoga jumpsuit” she said.

Her message planted a seed.

Looking at the beautiful yoginis practicing, Adva noticed the effort and focus that was diverted towards tucking in a stray shirt, pulling up a dangling pant-leg, fixing a stray strap - a detour of focus that could be otherwise directed back into the practice.

If only there was a yoga garment that didn’t require any hassling of fixing or tucking or folding...

A garment that hugged the body in all the right places and allowed for free movement, flexibility, and versatility in various postures and asanas, breathing with the body, allowing you to move with your breath, and dive even deeper into your practice.

That little seed began to grow as it's been set in a spotlight in Adva's mind, receiving all the needed nutrients…
Adva began to closely examine how the body moves throughout an asana practice; flows, twists, back-bends, forward-bends, inversions and everything in between and beyond, from sun salutations all the way to Savasana.

And so our Yoga Jumpsuit was born.
A sweet combination of two favorite Ripple items; our Criss Cross tank top and the Slouchy Capri Pants. But it wasn't enough just to marry these two together, the process included a lot of re-measuring, adjusting, correcting and testing on the yoga mat, to create a whole and perfect one piece.

Since natural material is at the heart of our endeavors, zippers, buttons, snaps and other such elements were not part of the equation, and so, we have found ourselves in a small existential crisis, asking ourselves: “How do we get in?!”

The idea that the hips should go through the same pathway as the neck did scare us a bit at first, but the solution was found in a body-conscious design. 

First, we have made the straps' stitching strong and flexible, so they can be pulled over easily,  and the chest area cut allows a wide opening without being revealing, so you are held and care-free in inversions. 

With that creative energy, we turned to re-conceptualize the waistband. We double-layered the fabric and used special stitching to make the waistband the tightest part of the jumpsuit, while being very flexible and easy to pull over the hips. 

We realized that the solutions we found to getting in and out of the jumpsuit easily, also allowed us to make a piece that fits all body types!
The wide elastic band gives the freedom to adjust it to any body type, allowing it to be worn higher or lower based on shape and preference.

Creating the center of the piece was about flow and space alongside good fit and support.

Inspired by the natural curves of the body, the diagonal stitching gives the garment its special flattering shape, allowing us to forgo uncomfortable side stitches that may get in the way of side asanas on the floor.

The thick bottom cuffs allow for a loose fit design, while keeping the pant legs in place with a soft hug for your shins. The pockets continue the natural stitching of the garment without creating bulk, and give a little extra functionality to the yogis who never want to take it off, and wear it off the mat as well. 

Finally, the jumpsuit was tried, tested, and perfected by yoga instructors, practitioners, our customers, our friends and ourselves.

We have finally created the recipe for the perfect one-piece yoga jumpsuit. With special attention to the little bits and bolts that make all the difference in the world and the comfort of our practice.

Our first version was made from Modal fabric with softness and elasticity as our guiding lines. By the time the Yoga Jumpsuit was a year old, it has become our most popular item!
Once we finally found a supplier that was up to our standards of quality and sustainability, we started making the jumpsuit in Organic Cotton, which is a little thicker and formidable, and gives a firmer, held feeling. Soon after we welcomed the stonewash cotton jumpsuit, with a more edgy look, and have been experimenting and expanding our colors range since. 

We like to think of the yoga jumpsuit as a ripple itself…

Every drop of water creates ripples as it splashes back into the ocean. Those ripples are a part of the never-ending movement of energy, yet the ocean isn’t concerned with the ripples nor with the droplets of water that combine to create it.

Similarly, our yoga practice is not concerned with the garment that indulges it, however, our bodies are. That is why here at Ripple we have dedicated much attention, energy and love into creating a hassle-free jumpsuit that will give you both the support and freedom that will allow you to invest all your focus in your practice while looking great doing so. 

Happy Practicing!