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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

New Year Gratitude and Blessing

“Yoga is the journey of the self,
Through the self,
To the self”

-The Bhagavad Gita

It is that time of year again… A time for reflection and rumination. A time to look back at the seeds we have sown and allow ourselves to day-dream of the magnificent trees they are becoming. A time for resolutions and hopes for the year to come.

We have had an exciting year here at Ripple, full of creativity and inspiration, new designs and new ideas!
Inspired by you and your feedback we have introduced new contemporary collections filled with exciting new colors and designs.

We have also expanded old favorites to include new colors and sizes, and we are excited to provide you with even a wider selection of the products you love so much.

We heard your call, and have incorporated into our steady line designs that were initially made as a limited edition. The Pure White Collection and the turtleneck tops you loved are now a permanent component in Ripple collection. 


We have experimented with new natural and vegan fabrics and conceived new fun and creative designs. This has been a very important development for us, especially as it was a need expressed by many yoginis. Our new viscose items are vegan, natural, healthy, sustainable, long-lasting, and most importantly, they are warm and insulating. 

This was a year of collaborations for us, and of tightening bonds with beautiful and inspiring yoginis all over the globe! We've created friendships and had adventures, met fascinating people, and even got to attend enriching yoga workshops right here at home, by international yoginis who came to visit us. 

Karina, Australia

Antonia, Germany

Hadar, Mexico

Sharron, New-York

Irene, Colorado

Delara, Switzerland

Genevieve, London

Marie, Japan and Israel 

Amelie, France

Looking back on this passing year... we have stretched, bent, and grown. They say that yoga isn’t about touching your toes, it's about the journey towards them… This year has been a wonderful journey of exploration and learning.

The highlight of it was you!, our customers, our friends, yoginis from all around the world that practice in our clothing, giving us feedback, and supporting our goal of making yoga clothing as healthy and loving to the planet, as yoga is for the mind and body.

At the heart of our endeavors, we have always stayed true to our guiding principles, our core, our values, and we know it would not have been possible without you. Your reviews, emails, and comments tell a story of kindness, striving for good, always seeking improvement while accepting and loving yourselves and your surroundings. 

Starting with Ahimsa, here at Ripple we believe that our responsibility begins with taking care of ourselves and our environment. We believe in making natural, comfortable and fashionable yoga attire, we believe in a sustainable approach that is rooted in respect for our planet and ourselves. This demeanor is woven into every stage of our production process, from our ideas and inspirations when they are still brewing within us, to the finished product that supports your fluid and comfortable yoga practice. 

Here at Ripple we believe that together we can make a change! 

Excited for the upcoming year, we are thrilled to share with you a glimpse into what's to come...

We're working on new exciting and creative designs in Limited Edition series and Special Edition lines... Our new Spring collection is already well in the making, and will include an exciting line of special spring edition jumpsuits! 

We caught the bug for experimenting with new colors, and will strive to add and expand. We will definitely have more items available in your favorite shades!

We took a while to perfect our XXL line, and we love it - and so did you! We loved your feedback and are thrilled to have more items available in a wider size range... With XS sizes in the making, too!

We invite you to join us this new year in walking our talk, living like our choices matter and doing good towards ourselves, towards others and towards our planet. Thank you for being a part of the Ripple Family!