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5 Health Benefits Of Sweating

Finding Strength Through Movement

2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Saying Thanks & Farewell

Today we’re saying goodbye and a huge THANK YOU to Ripple’s legendary marketing director Carmit Josman! Wishing her the absolute b-e-s-t on her next journey ✨

To honor her amazing 7 year legacy at Ripple Yoga Wear, we wanted to reflect and dive deep into her experience and insights as a ~woman to woman~ and we promise you’ll fall in love like us 🖤


#1 Some technical Q’s: Name | Age | Family | How long have you been in Ripple?

“Carmit Josman | 42yrs | Mother of #2 - Tomer (10) & Rona (8). My partner and father of my kids for the last 22 years is Ran ❤️.

I’ve been Head of Marketing at Ripple for the past 7 years ✨”


#2 What Movment do you practice?

“Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga and modern dance”


#3 What are your FAVORITE Ripple must-haves??!!!

"WOW there's so many 🤭 I created a special collection of my absolute favorites and now you can enjoy them with a special DOUBLE LOVE perk ~


#4 What was your first Ripple yoga outfit?

"My first yoga pants I fell in love with were the Stonewash Extra Long Slouchy Pants, dark grey. The ultimate winter yoga pants for practice! Keeps my ankles warm : )"

#5 How did you meet Ripple’s founder Adva Bruner?

""I met Adva in my previous life as a business owner designing textile products for babies and kids. We showcased our work together at local art and design fairs, and later, both joined the same ceramics class. We immediately clicked and shared inputs with each "other, so when she heard I decided to close my business - she invited me to interview for the studio manager position


#6 What is your most impactful campaign?

“Definitely the SWEAT PROUDLY campaign!

I'll say it's the one I'm most proud of. It resonates with me personally. I had complete creative freedom, from concept to content creation and building the campaign across all our platforms. The focus on empowerment, authenticity, and acceptance is very moving to me, and it’s a core value at Ripple."


Sweat Proudly: Our Yoga Wear Honors Every Drop of Your Effort

What led to creating a campaign all about sweat?! At 16, I developed a thyroid imbalance, bringing sweet 😝 symptoms like weight gain, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, constant hunger, and shortness of breath. After two years, my body finally stabilized and most of the symptoms disappeared, except excessive sweating. The doses did decrease, but I continued to suffer from increased sweating and feeling mainly shame in trying to hide this 'disgusting' thing my body did.

Six years ago, I started practicing yoga. In the beginning, I worried about people noticing my sweat—red face, slippery hands, and all, even in winter. But my yoga teacher celebrated the sweat! Encouraging us to let our bodies heat up, release what’s unnecessary, and cool down naturally. She even said not to wipe it off because it’s good for the skin. This was ~REVOLUTIONARY~ for me.

Today, at 42, seven years later, my body handles heat better, and I’m proud when I sweat during class.

Jumping back to Ripple : ) One of our core values is ENABLING. I was looking for a new campaign theme, and these ideas connected. In the world of sports and yoga wear, we hear a lot of marketing messages like "leggings that shape you," "bodysuits that hold you in," "fabric that hides cellulite," and "moisture-wicking material." At Ripple, we use natural fabrics without harmful chemicals that let you sweat healthily 🌱 Yes, this means sweat marks on the fabric (yes, you’re human!). We want to empower you to be yourself, even when you sweat.”

Where Every Sweat Stain is a Story of Success

#7 What’s your favorite photoshoot?

"Our Sunset ~ Sunrise photoshoot down in the Dead Sea : ) It was an amazing get away, intimate time with the team and the perfect conditions to let creativity flow."


#8 What are you going to miss the most?

“WHAT NOT??!! First and foremost, the incredible people. At Ripple, I’ve met amazing women over the years and made lifelong friends. I’ll miss working in such a value-driven field, with a brand that embodies values I deeply connect with. I’ll miss the environment that fosters creativity and movement. I’ll miss the marketing challenges, juggling practicality, production, and creative thinking.

Ripple is a second home to me. I’ve experienced so much here that it’s hard to imagine moving forward without Ripple being a part of it. Ripple, led by Adva, allowed me to grow, find myself, do what I love, and gave me a place, value, meaning, and the chance to discover who I am."


#9 What message do you feel Ripple’s Community needs to know about us?

"That Ripple is a brand that fully stands behind ALL its promises. Ripple’s clothes are the most comfortable and pleasant you’ll ever wear! They’re like a warm, loving hug you can give yourself."


#10 Where do you see Ripple in 5 years/future…

“I see Ripple breaking through and leading the niche of sportswear as an ecological and ethical company, reaching new audiences all over the world."


#11 What’s next for you?

"First of all, a bit of free time 🐬 Time to be with my family and myself. I wish to recharge for the next stage of my life as an independent professional. I want to combine the three fields I’m currently involved in and share them with the world: Holistic coaching, branding & marketing (with a focus on the creative side) and creating prints."


Summing off with a few words from founder Adva Bruner ❣️

"I truly believe in enabling individuals around me and definitely through Ripple. It was a pleasure and honor to have worked side by side with Carmit and enable her creativity freely. I’m so happy to see how she has blossomed and wish her a lot of love and success in this next quest in her life.



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