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London Photoshoot - with Letty & Ama

One of the things that drive and inspire Adva, our founder and head designer, is traveling through our beautiful planet. Visiting gorgeous places and meeting awesome people. It gives her a grounded perception, actually feeling the humanity that’s in all of us, no matter where you go, or which eyes you meet.

Unfortunately, in the list of habits that we had to change as humans during Covid, Traveling is definitely high in the ranking. This particular trip marks a return to our traveling roots, after more than two years of traveling only within state lines, Adva and Liran (ripple’s owners) went on a beautiful vacation in Switzerland and England.

Adva and Liran have had the habit of traveling for a few weeks, every year. Each time picking a different destination, going to yoga centers, exploring the yoga scene of the location and having some photoshoots with people they met on the way, or with old friends that came especially to meet up.

Adva Bruner: “It’s been two and a half years since the last time we taveled. Getting back into the traveling mode was a little difficult at first, the feeling in the air-ports were odd and busy. But other than that getting back on the road was great, remembering how fun it is and how natural it feels even if it’s been a long time.

"The one thing I missed the most was meeting and getting to know new people, it helps you see how we all belong to the same human tribe, part of one whole, no matter where you are in the world.”

This year circumstances finally worked in their favor, and together they went on a two week trip to Switzerland & England - Where they met up in London with Letty Mitchell and Ama Rouge for a fun photoshoot.

She is part of the Yoga team at Adidas London Studios and teaches public classes /workshops across London including BLOK and Soho House.
Amongst the variety in her work, Letty has one mission. To help people in their self-realization. To create spaces for healing. To be in the power of creativity.

Ama: “I want what I offer to the world to influence people to ask questions of themselves, their loved ones and the world around them. I love long walks, practicing yoga, laughing till my stomach hurts with good people, delicious food and sloths.”

Letty: “It was such a pleasure meeting Adva in person finally, and Liran. Beautiful, kind-hearted souls. Sunshine, good energy, friends, and creativity. Thank you ripplewear for this memory.”

Ama: “What a true, fun, beautiful experience shooting with Adva, Liran and Letty in my home town of London was. I love that Ripple apparel is natural, sustainable, made by women for women - all things that are close to my heart - and feels so comfy to both be and move in. Shooting with this team was super nourishing.”

This photoshoot was truly special and memorable for all sides, just the way we like it. Thank you Letty and Ama for your time and effort, we appreciate you a lot and looking forward for more collaborations.