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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

The Sisterhood - Systrasamlagið

Getting familiar with our Icelandic stockist - Systrasamlagið, which translates beautifully to The sisterhood. We are incredibly lucky to have sisters all over the world, resonating with our message, supporting this journey of Ripple. We appreciate you so much.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your shop / studio. Where are you located? What can we find in your place?

A: The Sisterhood (Systrasamlagið) is 9 years old successful health and wellness store in 101 (heart) Reyjavík, Iceland and also an organic café. We, the Sisters and founders of the company, are passionate yoga, wellness, vitamin and ayurveda lovers.
Our ambition lies in selling only top quality health, environmental friendly products for the mind, body and spirit, as well as vitamins, herbs, cosmetics and more. Our store is all about healthy lifestyle and quality living and every friday we offer free meditation classes for everybody in our store.

Q: How did you get to know Ripple? Why did you choose to sell Ripple in your shop?

A: To be honest, we where searching for good quality yoga wear for a long time. We are picky.
As the other sister was a journalist for a long time and a good searcher, she found an article at Forbes magazine some years ago about your wonderful organic cotton jumpsuit...and there you where.

Q: What is your best selling Ripple item?

A: Our best seller from the beginning is the long black organic yoga jumpsuit. We live in Iceland. It is cold, so we need long clothes. And black has been the favorite color in Iceland for a long time. But that might change, Icelanders are getting more colorful.

Q: What is your personal favorite Ripple item?

A: We are two sisters, with same value. But not necessarily the same taste. While the younger one loves the organic cotton capri pants and the racer back bra, and the older sister prefers the long black yoga jumpsuit. But all your designs are wonderful.

Thank you sisters for being part of our ripple family!