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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

New Website - Behind the scenes

We are extremely excited to share with you our latest development, our new, polished website.

As a clothing brand and as consumers, we understand the importance of a great shopping experience, and we want to make sure we give our customers the best experience we can provide. Taking in mind that we are an online shop only, the online experience at our site is our representation, that’s how we come in first connection with you, our customers.

When in the process of getting closer to our values and sharing a clearer message to our customers, we find ourselves checking and evaluating our physical products as well as our digital assets. This brings us to the present day, when we launch the new developments that have been going behind the scenes here at Ripple for quite a while now.

One of our core values is - Enabling.
Other than enabling you to move freely in your body, which is our top goal, we wish to enable our teammates to develop in the way they want, and have the working environment that benefits them. We understand that the wellbeing of our team contributes to the wellbeing of our brand as a whole.

This time was no different. The project was managed by Adva Bruner our founder and chief designer, and Daisy Kuperman, head of operations of digital assets. They share with us about their experience of creating our new website.

First, let’s get more familiar with the ladies in charge

Daisy Kuperman - Operation of digital assets:
“I grew up traveling with my family for something like 9 years around different countries until we came back to Israel when I was 10, I now live in Pardes Hanna with my gorgeous boyfriend Yam and our dog & cat.

“The story of how I met Ripple is a funny one. I was working for about 3 years as a barmaid in a small pub and Liran (Adva’s partner) was a DJ there on special occasions and Adva would join him. So I would make them their favorite cocktails and get them drunk ;) they always wore the coolest clothes and I always wondered… Until one day my friend sent me Ripple's email and said they had a job opening. So I straight away sent my CV.”

“And then Adva sent me an email back saying "Hey daisy it's Adva, Liran's partner.... from the pub"
AHGGGH I had no idea that ripple was yours and so on and so on!
And after that, I came, we spoke, and I got the job :)”

“I have always loved fashion, but then there's a geeky technical side to me who has always loved working on the computer and learning new things.

Adva Bruner - Founder & Chief designer:
“I’ve been selling online on my own independent website for 12 years (even before I had Ripple). I built my first websites on my own, and i’ve also built the first Ripple website in 2015.

"Along the years the Ripple website went through some upgrades and updates, and it’s over a year now that I wanted to give it a significant facelift. I wanted to make it cleaner in it’s design, to have our values and messages more accessible, make it easier to navigate, with bigger pictures and more improvements to help our customers have a nice experience while they shop.”

“When Adva told me she wants to build the new site with my help I was excited! So we got to work, and we were just learning more and progressing more with some help from experienced people and our work. We finished it in the end and I'm super proud of us it was such a great experience.”

“The process started with a research that scanned a lot of websites with the main goal of understanding what’s out there, what we can do, and what fits with what we want for Ripple."

"Then I started writing it down and together with Carmit (Marketing manager) we fine tuned what we want to see, taking into account the graphic design aspects and the functionality of it.
In the process we refined the different pages we wanted to see in the website, the navigation method and more.”

“From there we moved to fine tuning the graphic language and look together with Haya Sasson, our graphic designer. We also contacted our programmer (Tal), so we can figure out how we approach this, we then sent him a detailed presentation with all the features we want.
I am very proud of the outcome that’s out now!”

"My background is from the fashion and textile industries, a world of material and shape. The tech world, websites and computers, used to be light years away from me. With time and experience, I’m less afraid and more daring to touch and manage areas “outside” of my reach (like building a website) and I find interest and creation there too.”

The ripples that Adva creates in our working environment, allow each teammate to be her true self inside the working space. She encourages us to grow, develop and continues to keep an optimistic and motivating attitude. Her enabling manner inspires more than just her team, and it reflects in her creations.

If you’ve worn a ripple item or are wearing one right now
we hope you feel the sensitivity and curiosity that stand behind it.

So as when you visit our website, we hope you see our spirit there too