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Ripple In Switzerland

Switzerland has always been one of our favorite places, that has the best stereotypes; chocolate, mountains, lakes, views, cleanliness, a mixture of languages, beautiful people and a calm calm vibe...

This has been a year of following dreams here at Ripple, and as part of that, we've been sending Adva (Ripple's head designer and owner) to all the places on her Wishlist. To be fair, she has been to Switzerland before, but this trip had a very distinct intention to practice yoga out in nature and in studios, to meet other yogis, and to photograph Ripple yogis in incredible locations.

Here are two yogis we met and loved (and more in our next blog post!).


We find many of our yogis/models on social media, but Lygia was something special. We have been following her on Instagram for a while, and contacted her for collaboration as we loved her pictures, her inspirations, and her honest, heart-filled texts. 


"It’s human nature to want to share the things we’re passionate about with one another. This can be especially true when the thing we’re passionate about something that has radically improved our lives."


Lydia is a Brazilian yogi living in Switzerland, teaching, inspiring, spreading good vibes. She invited us to do the photoshoot by her house, near a beautiful forest with a lovely view of Zurich. It's easy to see why we were inspired. 



 The next yogi we met, Florina, writes an amazingly useful blog reviewing yoga studios and classes all over Zurich. 


"I'm Romanian born and raised, with many years of work experience in the financial industry, and discovered yoga initially as a stress relief mechanism about 4 years ago. With my move to Zurich, I looked for an ideal studio to deepen my practice and was overwhelmed by the offering. I started taking turns visiting most of the city's 80+ studios and realized how insightful and rewarding it is to practice different yoga styles with various teachers."
"Currently I enjoy hatha-vinyasa flows, hot yoga, and the occasional yin yoga to restore after stressful workdays. I just embarked on my journey to become a yoga teacher and I am eager to learn and deepen my practice every day. To me, yoga is so much more than physical movement - it's a mindset and a special way to reconnect to myself."
"I share my yoga discoveries in the studios of Zurich in my blog to provide other yogis with some inspiration for their personal practice. In my view, we are all the sum of our experiences, and the more experiences we have, the richer we become..."