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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Meet Genevieve Prue

We are thrilled and excited to introduce you to one of our favorite customers, a vibrant ambassador, a yogi that is inspired by Ripple and inspires us right back, and a person that makes all of our studio cheer whenever we see an order from her - the gorgeous Genevieve.

She's been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and fell in love with the freedom of practicing anytime, anywhere, when all you need is your own body. Now she is spreading her passion at Yoga Hush in Coventry UK - a studio for small groups, where she can give people lots of attention. She especially loves working with women of all ages, empowering, strengthing, and exploring limitations.

Our love story with Genevieve started casual, with an order on our website, and then another, and then another, and then we started getting little love letters in the order notes, such as; "thank you so much for making the short jumpsuit in light grey, my life is complete now!". 
We started following her on Instagram and saw skill, grace, elegance and strength, and so many Ripple items in action! We learned what shades and items she likes, and started picking and choosing different colors of bags and leg warmers especially for her. 

"I actually came across Ripple somehow on Facebook, and I was immediately drawn to the organic and eco fabrics and the beautiful stonewash colours, and the natural way the pieces were shown, so I ordered 2 jumpsuits. When I started wearing them, they were so unbelievably comfortable and versatile, I just wanted to wear them for everything. Ripple items appear simple at first, but the way the seams are designed, and the pockets are placed, are literally just perfect, and they move with you into any yoga asana, including inversions, deep backbends and splits. It wasn't long before I had tried out the other items, and loved them all."

A few months ago we got a very exciting note on an order - Genevieve was getting a jumpsuit for her mum:
"She is nearly 70 and keeps seeing me (and my daughter who is 21) wear them, and she keeps saying she might like one... She comes to yoga class twice a week so I am getting her one! if she likes it there will be 3 generations of yogis here wearing your jumpsuit, how cool and amazing will that be!?".

As a small studio, with a close family of employees, this was exciting and lovely and emotional for us. We see our practice having such a positive effect on our lives, and we all do our best to share it with our loved ones - siblings, children, parents, friends. 

We were so touched by that note, and immediately contacted Ronit, our incredible photographer, and set up a UK photoshoot. 
We were thrilled.
We still are. 
We're so happy to finally see the yogi behind the emails and the orders. We love that she is as beautiful outside as she is on the inside, we're excited to know the gorgeous Leila is the next generation of Ripple yogis, and our hearts are filled with joy to see the relationship that we built fulfilled into such a lovely lovely lovely outcome of magic-filled photos. 

We love being inspired by yogis, and by kind, good-hearted people all around us. We hope that we are able to inspire, and spread good vibes, and be a force for good in this world. We know the joy Geneveive brings into our lives, and hope that seeing this post today has brought some light and inspiration to your life.

Genevieve and Leila, thank you so much. Sending you Ripples of good vibes from all of us here at our little studio.