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Sneak Peek To Our Photo-Shoot

We've been waiting a long time for this cooperation, since we've had a little secret crush on this lady for a while now.  

This is Daniela, a yogi, hooper, studio owner, mom, and a generally super cool person. We took advantage of a very early spring day, and drove down to Daniela's studio in the little village of Udim, to meet up with her and her beautiful friend Yulia


Our photo-shoot quickly became a fun day in the sun, as we went exploring around the village. Ronit, our skilled photographer (check her out here, you want to see these pictures), was able to turn the most casual spots into amazing photo locations, and found us magical secret spots.

We hope this little sneak peek gets you a little excited and want to see more of these beautiful ladies. For more of that, and to find out when new items are coming into our collection (did you spot them in the pictures?), you can sign up to our newsletter here.

Sending you all ripples of happiness, good vibes and soon to be spring...