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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here and we are fully immersed in Spring Cleaning!

While we refresh our inventory for spring, letting go of what no longer works so well and making room for the new.
You can join the party! If you haven’t checked our spring cleaning collection, we advise you to, the whole collection is
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You can also join us in your own personal space. We gathered some expert tips and ideas to make the most out of your spring cleaning routine. And if you wish to cleanse within, well we have some insights for you :)

You can also join us in your own personal space. We gathered some expert tips and ideas to make the most out of your spring cleaning routine. And if you wish to cleanse within, well we have some insights for you :)

As the nature around us is refreshing and rejuvenating, we welcome you to the cleaning party!

In many cultures a yearly deep cleaning of the house has always been part of the tradition.
When the temperatures start rising and the sun sets later in the day, we tend to feel more energized and motivated to move about and undertake harder work. So spring makes it the perfect time to open up and refresh our living space.

Cleaning your room is like cleaning your Karma - As without so within. And Spring Cleaning really has some benefits for our general well being:

1. Gives a sense of accomplishment - Having a list of tasks means you also get to complete them, and our minds love it when things are accomplished.
2. Stress reducing ritual - When the brain feels good, it also lowers the stress levels. Plus, if you have some problems that are out of your control that cause you stress, solving problems that are in your control may help.
3. Peace inducing - Our surroundings affect our mindset, when everything around us is in place, nice and clean, our minds can be at peace as well.
4. Harnessing Focus - If you're working or studying at home, keeping your space clean will help prevent distractions from house maintenance tasks.
5. Keeping things safe - Making sure there’s no clutter of stray clothing, toys or whatever else, helps prevent the occasional clashing.
6. Keeping you moving - While it’s still important to keep your routine while you’re in spring cleaning mode, it does give you an extra opportunity to move your body. Keeping the energy high and positive.
7. Releasing what we no longer need - Having a second look at our belongings, seeing what we use, and what can be given away, to make room and to be more precise about what we bring into our space.

Whether it’s your first Spring Cleaning or you’re a long time expert, we curated great tips to help upgrade your cleaning game!

-Make a plan - Understand it may take a few days to finish, make a list and plan it out through a few days.
-Jump in & Start - The Beginning is the hardest part. You just have to do the first step and not give up midway.
-Get your equipment ready ahead of time - You want to be focused on cleaning and organizing, not on running errands. Do that beforehand so your cleaning time is effective.
-Get rid of clutter first - Go over your house and de-clutter: clothing, toys, papers, expired foods etc. Go over and collect all things not in use. This will make cleaning much easier.
-Give to others - Donate your clothes and unwanted items to goodwill or other donation charities. Broken items and torn up clothes can be thrown away or repurposed.
-It’s a whole house party - Everyone living under the same roof is encouraged to join, and it’s much easier and fun that way. Put some music on, prepare some fun healthy snacks and make a party out of it.
-Practical checklist (you can add your own):
Clean cabinets - empty them out > deep clean > reorganize by usage.
Sink and Faucet - Go over thoroughly, cleaning stains that accumulated, and the faucets.
Give the dishwasher your attention - cleaning out the filter and getting rid of waste.
Clean the refrigerator - inside & out.
Start with your closet - empty it out > sort your clothes > donate the unwanted clothes.
Wash bedding sets, change to spring sets and store the winter sets.
Clean under the beds - Move things around and make the effort to clean in places you don’t usually reach
Take the time to make your windows sparkle - all windows not only in the bedroom
Toilet - Start at the base and work your way up
Change/clean your bathroom cleaning tools like plunger and toilet brush
Cleaning mold in the bathroom - it’s better to get rid of it as soon as you see it.

We recommend using ecologically friendly cleaning products.

Those who also want to align the internal processes with their outer vibes, can practice some Detox methods to refresh their systems.

There are some things to consider if you’re not familiar with detoxing diets:

-Your body naturally gets rid of ‘toxins’ with help of your skin, kidneys, digestive system, liver and lungs. The detox can give these systems a break to help them work better.
-The opinions about detox diets vary widely. We believe in the approach of listening carefully to different ideas, combined with listening to our bodies and trying to find the right way for us.
-If it’s your first time engaging in a detox diet, we recommend advising a professional who can help you find the detox method which works best for you. Don’t do it alone for the first time.
-There are a few different ways to do it: 1. Liquid only - minimum food consumption - supplements. 2. Eating foods that support the cleaning systems of the body. 3. Colon cleanses.
-Start gradually. A few weeks before the detox, start cutting down refined sugar and highly processed foods, or foods that strain the digestive system.
-Water. Water. Water. - One of the things most experts actually agree on, is that water is maybe the most important ingredient in helping your body get rid of toxins.
-It’s not a cure-all method, rather a way to help the system work better. When combined with an overall practice of nutritious foods and healthy activities, the benefits are more sustainable.
-While juice and liquid diets are not recommended for long term (3-14 days), changing your diet to better support your natural systems can only improve your overall health.
-Avoid foods with a high glycaemic value or processed foods.
-Gradually getting out of the detox and back to normal diet. This is important because it lets you see what’s the effect of different foods on your system. If we’re tuned in to our bodies, they will tell us what’s good for us and what doesn’t work so well, so we can make better informed choices regarding our food consumption.

Here’s for a fun and effective Spring Cleaning party!
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