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Finding Strength Through Movement

2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Yoga for EveryBody - Hadar & Batu

At this point, we have gotten an inside view into the lives of four fabulous ladies, now we have Hadar and Batu to get intimate with.  

A tattoo artist and bartender, 24-year-old Hadar,

Defines movement as a central pillar in her life. A student of yoga, and she loves to cycle and dance.


“I believe that movement helps me cope and deal with whatever comes up in my life, it helps me express myself and release pent-up energy, and of course, it is tons of fun!”.

Growing up in a very supportive household, Hadar’s relationship with her body and body awareness started becoming more complex during her teenage years.

“I remember comparing myself to other girls. I felt like society was making me feel uncomfortable and not OK with my body” she shares with us.


As time went by, Hadar started building a healthier relationship with her body,


“I started treating my body more lovingly and doing things that made me feel good like yoga and meditation, which with time brought me to true acceptance of my body”.





For Hadar, yoga is a tool through which she does something good for herself,


“Yoga quiets the craziness of the day and fills me with energy and love”.





She reminds us that yoga is for everybody who is willing to accept the gift of it,


I think the world would be a better place if everybody would do yoga”.

And last but not least, the spirited Batu!

A 28-year-old dancer, instructor of dance, and choreographer.

Batu’s relationship with self-acceptance is layered, she shares with us that for her, the major struggle was with her skin color.

I started feeling different from a very early age. The very first time I understood that my skin color was different from the rest of the kids was in kindergarten when I started getting comments like ‘you can't play with us because you're black’ this was accompanied by a deep sense of pain that undermined my confidence”.




Batu shared with us that her body shape was never a limiting factor for her, yet she does think that society sets fictional standards, that in order to do certain things like yoga or dance one needs to be skinny,

“I don’t believe in that anymore!”

she states confidently.




Movement finds its way into different niches in Batu’s life in every sense of the word,

“Movement and dance are an expression of the soul! Our body is simply a machine through which we can express ourselves. Anyone can share their soul through yoga or dance, regardless of her weight or body shape!”





“We are all temporary here in this journey called LIFE, pay attention because each day that passes will not return - choose to see the good in everything, and look at things with kind eyes, for at the end, it is all quite simple”.

We agree, It is simple!
Our differences are what make us beautiful and complementary to one another. There is no universal definition of what is beautiful, rather, our desire to define something as such makes it so!
The power to both define and re-define is ours. So go out and live your life, with happiness, balance, and a heartful of love - for that is the best thing you can do for yourself and for creation as a whole.

With lots of love,
The Ripple Family