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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

A Playful Day in Ripple Yoga Wear

Ripple was born out of a vision and a personal necessity to have comfortable and natural clothing to practice yoga in, but we very quickly realized that the need exists in many other fields of bodywork. Pilates was a natural addition, followed by dancers who contacted us, acrobats, rock climbers, runners, and rope walkers (seriously). 

A few months ago we got an email from Yarden, with a few pics demonstrating her passion and skill. We immediately teamed up with her and Tal, two inspiring local Yoginis and aerial acrobats that made our jaws drop.

Meet Tal Karasin, a physiotherapist and aerial acrobat. She has been in the acrobatics business for 17 years now, and manages her own circus business for adults - "Backyard Circus" in Tel Aviv.

 "I have been practicing different types of yoga while traveling abroad and I very much enjoyed the experience."

"I was first introduced to Ripple Yoga Wear through colleagues and friends in the movement world that were practicing happily in Ripple's clothing. After a short personal experience I got hooked!"

"Ripple's clothes are wonderfully cozy, they hold and sit really comfortably and are surprisingly a perfect match to aerial acrobatics. Everything remains in place even when flipped in the air and at the same time, the garment is simply beautiful and chic. Excellent combination!"

The inspiring story of Yarden got us thinking how Yoga is all-encompassing and exists in everything. 

We tend to keep our yoga practice on the mat and in the studio, but the real practice starts once you leave the room and go into your daily routine.

 Yarden's story is a good reminder that the world is our yoga mat.

Yarden Geva is 19 years old and currently serving in the army. She started her journey in the circus world at the age of 15 following her brother's footsteps who was part of "Shabazi Circus".

"I joined this amazing place that immediately became home for me."

"Along the way, I faced many difficulties and struggles in my personal life. The circus way of life balanced me and helped me to maintain sanity even during hard times."

"The circus is an amazing sport that combines flexibility, strength, and creativity. While training in the aerial circus it is important to dress accordingly because clothes tend to get tangled in ropes and the skin gets rubbed."

"When I first saw Ripple's yoga jumpsuits I was excited immediately! This is the ultimate solution for a comfortable, simple garment that doesn't get tangled and with a lot of style."

"Every morning I practice yoga to open the day and the body, and at the end of each practice I sit for a few minutes of meditation."

Our incredible photographer took the girls to a deserted warehouse complex in Tel-Aviv, where they pretty much did whatever they wanted. It was playful, lovely, happy, and extremely heartwarming. 

Hope you fell in love too ;)