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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple in Switzerland - Sophi & Arlinda

On our last days in wonderful Switzerland, we arrived in Lausanne, and finally got together with Sophie, a well-established yoga teacher, who introduced us to one of her students and co-teacher Arlinda.  

Sophie has been practicing yoga for about 15 years, she did her Yoga teacher training in Chennai in Ayurveda and Hatha yoga, and yoga therapy at Andiappan College and research center. She studied with great teachers such as Chris Chavez, David Swenson and Kristina Karitinou from Greece. 

"I started yoga late but soon it changed my life. I was a stressed, single full time working mum with 2 kids and thought that life had to be hard and that the fight will never end!"

"Yoga helped me understand that when you’re aligned, life is not easier, but you take it with so much calmness that you don’t fight anymore. Instead, you welcome life and deal with it as it is.

Doing one yoga practice after another I felt my inner-self changing, becoming simple and smooth, yoga is amazing, I love sharing it with as many people as I can because I know it works!"

At the age of 51, Sophie left the business world, and with the goal of being aligned with her true passion, opened 'Feel Good Yoga' studio, 

"It was a challenge to quit everything. I waited until my 2 girls were independent financially, and felt I had to do it then, otherwise I would have had regrets later."

Sophi organizes yoga retreats in Greece and Finland, many yoga weekends in the Alps, and this year taught her first Yoga Teacher Training, with 16 students.
"I love retreat's because I really see people progressing and I can talk also about philosophy and bring them into a practice that goes deeper than the physical practice."


Arlinda, an avid yogi and teacher, joined us for the photoshoot with Sophie. It was an inspiring day for us, as Arlinda is not only a yoga teacher herself, but has also been a student of Sophie. After completing 200hrs Forrest Yoga teacher training in wonderful Bali in early 2018, she went back to Sophie and to 'Feel Good Yoga', this time as part of the teaching staff.

"I discovered yoga a couple of years ago, as I started my career as a tax advisor. I needed to find a way to manage the daily work stress, connect with myself and find balance".

"I quickly started to practice every day. Yoga entirely became part of my life to the point that I wanted to share all the benefits of the practice to my friends and family."