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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple Adventure With PayPal!

Hello there, my name is Adva Bruner, I am the founder and head designer of Ripple Yoga Wear, and it is my absolute pleasure to meet you!


For a while now I have been wanting to share with you my story, which is actually also the story of Ripple.

However, due to my fears about facing a screen along with other life-swirling events, I found myself avoiding putting myself on the other side of the camera lens.



Luckily the universe works in mysterious ways...

A few months ago an opportunity knocked on my door, and my life motto is "always open the door"!

PayPal was on a mission to present the story of a number of small international businesses.



In order to identify suitable candidates, PayPal had sent out an extremely detailed screening questionnaire.


As I dove into the questions I was moved by the realization that the story of Ripple is integral to the story of me!

Once Ripple had been chosen for the project, a date was set for the French filming crew to come to visit us here in Israel and film a video about Ripple.

Lucky as I am, the opportunity for this encounter was given to me and Ripple a second before we entered a global crisis that closed the sky for travels.

Our photo day adventure began bright and early, as my day usually begins. A crew of four funny, kind, interesting and extremely professional individuals arrived at my home at the break of dawn to be witnesses to my morning routine: my yoga practice and meditation that helps me start off the day, breakfast in my back garden and a little quality time with my loving partner.

From there, off to the studio on my bicycle, and onto showing my new friends "A day in the life of Ripple".

I hope you enjoy this peek into Ripple Yogawear:





The first part of the filming day had finished just in time for our lunch break.

With food in our bellies and shoes on our feet, we continued to the beach for a very special photoshoot with our inhouse photographer Ronit and one of our all-time favorite yogis, Lior.

The sun was setting, the crisp salty evening air hugged our bodies signaling us that the day was ready to take its leave. It was the perfect end to the perfect day!

Energy isn't created or destroyed, it only changes form. And so our special day with our PayPal friends was coming to an end, yet our story continues to unfold.






I was happy to share my experience, give a few humble pointers to starting entrepreneurs, and show you a day in my life and how Ripple is a direct and natural extension of the way in which I choose to live my life.  


We have our sights set far on the horizon and are excited for what's to come! Stay tuned, we will be happy for you to walk this path with us!

Adva Bruner
Head designer & Founder of Ripple Yoga Wear