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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

This is the story of Ripple Yoga Wear

But from behind the scenes (:

We've finally been able to do what we've been wanting to do for a long time, to film Ripple's story!
Our vision has always included the deepest values of the practice of yoga, as they are a part of each of our team members' lives and we strive to share them in every possible channel.

While we work with earthly materials that are external to us, each item sends us on a journey inward, into ourselves, into our preferences, meeting our physical, mental and astral bodies.

We decided that the time has come for us to expose ourselves to the world, so we invited our amazing photography team to spend a day at the office.

Let us share a little secret with you:

Many of us here at Team Ripple are somewhat camera shy, and while you've already seen some of us in marketing photos, it usually takes a whole lot of behind the scenes persuasion, and support from the Ripple sisters.

The day began with our head designer Adva, enjoying a magical morning in her home and from there to a productive day at the studio.

To get our productivity on, we kick start our day with a morning yoga practice at the yoga studio next door.

Ripple's human composition includes yoga and Pilates teachers and veteran practitioners, so we have a fundamental respect for the practice and its benefits.

A regular week in our studio office includes a lot of movement; teachers going out to teach during the workday, studio workers going out for workshops, classes, and training, however, all return home to the studio for a shared lunch and a day of fun labor.

After a grueling day of work and photography, we ended this special filming experience in our favorite way, practicing yoga on the beach at sunset!

Our deep connection to the earth and nature is reflected in the clothing we make and the way we choose to produce them, from selecting quality organic and non-toxic fabrics to fair trade and treatment for anyone along the production line.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is part of our amazing family called Ripple Yoga Wear.

Our photography team softened and released the girls from the pressure to appear in front of a camera, blending in with the energies of us all, making us smile and helping us enjoy a day of photography that felt flowing and natural, like any other day in our studio.

A special thanks to Liran, Adva's partner who was there to document behind the scenes and managed to make us laugh when we forgot the importance of playfulness and took ourselves too seriously (like he always does :)

Thank you to YOU, our lovely ambassadors and loyal costumers who encourage us and reinforce our values, supporting us through and through with every step forward Ripple takes.

It wouldn't and couldn't have happened without you!

You are the reason we do what we do! Not just because you look absolutely amazing wearing our items, but because of how you feel when you wear them.

Click here for the full video, enjoy (:

Thank you, 
Ripple Family <3