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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Pure White collection and authenticity

The pure white canvas is neutral, it allows the artist to bring themselves forward, show and express.

The canvas has no agenda and is clean of interest or intention. It does not direct, it does not influence, it does not have an opinion nor does it reflect a position.

It simply allows.

Just like the blank white canvas, wearing white permits candid expression and echoes a brave call for authenticity.

Our Pure White Collection does not hide, nor does it blur or cover up. It will show or “expose” you as you are, in all your beautiful glory… we know that that can be somewhat frightening to say the least.

Wearing white may challenge us in other ways we don’t expect as well, for much like wrinkles, stretch marks and scars tell the story of our life, wearing white tells the story of our day. It may display the splash of your morning coffee, show the handprint of your child, or reveal the grass stain from your afternoon break at the park. It may get smeared and smudged as you go about your day, living a colorful life in an unsterile world. For us, this is exciting! This is part of the nitty-gritty of life, and we are happy to create clothing that supports living in full bloom. For at the end of the day, just like a sand mandala, all these stains and marks get washed away by the swirling and twirling of the washing machine, leaving you with a newly cleaned and familiar Pure White canvas to wear and display yet another happy colorful day.

Our last outdoor photoshoot took place in the breathtaking sandy mountains of southern Israel, it is a stunning setting that invites you to be one with the topography. However, both Yarden and Gaya (our beautiful and brave models) had reservations about sitting directly on the earth with the Pure White Jumpsuit they were wearing. The fear of soiling the white garment with sand and dirt took some convincing to shake off, for we are meant to move and experience in full expression, and the beauty of it is that just like a shower washes the sand and mud from our bodies, a round of laundry will wash them off the Pure White Jumpsuit. It was a wonderful experience to see them pass through their internal barrier and allow themselves to merge with their surroundings in an act of expression and colorful creativity.

The Pure White Collection invites you to:
Get dirty

In today's modern world of filters and polished finishings, it is not an easy task to go uncensored, unhidden and exposed. It takes courage to peel the layers and be unapologetically you. With our Pure White Collection we invite you to do just that!