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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Unboxing - Pure White Jumpsuit

When we set off on this wonderful Pure White journey, it was clear to us that wearing white is not at all a trivial matter, however, the spectrum of things that have surfaced as a result surprised us.

We were on a mission to hear the unfiltered, honest, authentic reaction of how you feel in our New Pure White Jumpsuit, and what arises in you as you wear it.

And so, we sent items from our Pure White Collection to four different women, and asked them to document their impressions and feelings both of the item itself and of their experience in it.

We received a peek into the world of 4 very different women, what is astonishing is the common thread that weaves this whole story together, while the particulars differed, what was a constant in all four was that the Pure White Jumpsuit enabled a brief unfiltered window into the internal workings of the woman it clothes.

The Pure White fabric shows it like it is, it does not hide nor does it blur the body or the person wearing it. Yes, it is a little transparent in certain areas and may show a bit of nipple or cellulite, but it may also, like we have discovered, take you on a journey inwards, and reveal what is underneath the layers of habit we sometimes function in automatically.

Sophie Cooperman, a 29 year old from Ramat Gan, Israel shares with us: “I like it when the clothes I wear to practice are fun and look good, this contributes to my overall experience and creates a good feeling in my body”.   Sophie, who was introduced to the world of yoga about 2 years ago, decided to wear nipple-stickers in order to limit exposure in the white fabric, and was initially a little anxious about getting it dirty. Nonetheless, Sophie went on to share that wearing the Pure White Jumpsuit made her feel more whole, and allowed her to move more naturally.




Noa Cohen is a 20 year-old student who lives in Tel Aviv and teaches yoga to adults and children. For her, the color white is soothing; it induces calm and quiet and promotes inspiration. “It is like a blank white sheet of paper, it reminds me that this day, this practice, this moment, is not predetermined, but it is mine to create!”

Noa shares: “Back when I was younger and less whole and accepting of my body, it was very difficult for me to wear something white. Today wearing Pure White is like my own personal victory, a bold statement that says ‘this is my body, this is me, and I am here!’.  


Noa candidly shared with us that as a large-busted woman she sometimes struggles finding tops that provide her with the support she needs to move freely. “The fabric itself felt wonderful and comfortable on the body, it is both tight and supportive in just the right places! The best thing about this Pure White Jumpsuit is that I feel like it is tailored to me, that it is here to serve and support me and not I it!”  

It may take a change in mindset to dive into the notion that the outfits we wear are meant to serve us, and not the other way around. But noa hit the nail right on the head when she said “as women, it is important for us to feel good and comfortable with what we are wearing, to feel like the clothes we wear celebrate us and allow us to live and bloom instead of being a constant preoccupation!”



Noa Martinovich is a 33 year old medical intern, who is not new to the world of movement, she comes from the discipline of Capoeira and has been flirting with yoga for the past decade. 

“When I am on the mat, I don’t look at others and I don't want others to look at me”. Noa shared with us beautifully, and so, with the intention of staying true to her words as possible, here is her sincere disclosure:    


I came back from a morning run, only to find a magical package and in it Ripple’s Pure White Jumpsuit. This wonderful white project that I had the privilege of being a part of puts me in a place of wearing a white outfit at a time when I am not in my best physical shape. And so, it invites me to look at myself straight in the mirror and notice what arises in me. I was surprised to discover that it is still somewhat difficult for me to confront my body. I wish for myself to one day be able to look in the mirror and like what I see”.

“Clothing is an avenue of expression, what we wear enhances certain aspects in us and gives stage to certain sides of us” shares Lea Hutzler, a 33 year old yoga instructor from Tel Aviv. “Sometimes when I wear something specific it influences everything from my walk and my intonation, to how I present myself and even how I feel about myself. When I first put on Ripple’s Pure White Long Jumpsuit, I felt a gentle fortitude, the kind that doesn’t shout out but rather provides a quiet yet very present and clear sense of strength and ability.”  

Lea reminisces about herself as somewhat of a messy and clumsy young girl.

She reveals to us that it took time and internal work for her to accept that her clothing (white more so than other colors) will wear the traces of her daily activities and not be perfect. But now, wearing white, sparks a completely different focus for her “I am holding on tight, reserving the experience of wearing the Pure White outfit for a day where I need ‘extra strength’ or a reminder to connect to my inner strength and wisdom”.


The power of clothing is such, it can bring out things in us, allow and empower! That is the beauty of Ripple’s Pure White collection, it holds a strong stable baseline of allowing. It comes clean of interest, clean of agenda and motive, it is a neutral platform that reflects she who wears it, purely, honestly, authentically.

The Ripple Family