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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Pure White Cotton - The process behind a Photoshoot

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down” -Jigar Gor

Our story is a journey - a work in progress, just like us

The past few weeks have had us occupied wrapping our brains around how to most authentically share with you our journey.  

We would like to reveal a glimpse into the intricate balance of what it means to be a slow-fashion, principle led brand in a culture of instant gratification and polished finishing. And so, here is a candid share of a part of our natural unfolding, and the honoring of the time it takes to grow.

Just like learning to stand on your hands takes time and practice, and so, when you see a person standing in a balanced and stable handstand it is clear to you that this is the product of hours upon hours of practice, trials and errors, falls, and lots of dedication and perseverance. You by no means assume that they have mastered the art of handstanding within the scope of the few minutes in which you may have seen them practice.

The same goes for creation, it is a process, and a process takes time, continuous effort and attention, along with drizzles of love along the way. We wish to share with you the honoring of that time, the honoring of the process.

Born in 2015 out of the personal necessity and desire of our Founder and Head Designer Adva for comfortable, eco-friendly yoga wear, Ripple has since undergone many transformations and changes on a path that continuously tweaks itself. Here is a glimpse into the behind the scenes of one small aspect of that process, an aspect that is a complete story in and of itself while simultaneously being a brick in the wall of the process as a whole: A studio photoshoot day.

Ripple’s first studio photoshoot was back in the winter of 2015, since then we have learned a lot about how to maximize the efficiency of our photoshoots. A lot of preparation, thought, and planning goes into a photoshoot. The finished photos you see on your screen are the product of a process that can take weeks to engineer. Here is a deep dive into the intricate process behind the photos you see.

It all starts with an idea… We like our messages to be as clear as possible, and so we think before we act. Our Creative Team can spend hours brainstorming ideas until a coherent and precise concept is decided upon. Next we sit with the new items we would like to present and contemplate matches - which models will best portray not only the items, but the message we aim to convey through them.

Once the models have been chosen, we dive even deeper into the kind of ambience we would like to have on set. We choose the photographer, the makeup artist, and the setting. We consider each model and what she brings to the set in order to select the most suitable ensemble for her. We mix and match combinations of items, colors, and styles until we find the perfect synergy that is harmoniously synchronized with the woman who is to wear them.

It is important to us that each individual on set gets a chance to bring her best self forward, to share her unique spice, rhythm and energy and to feel comfortable and embraced doing so!

Once all of this (which can take weeks to arrange) is put into motion, the date and time have been set, everyone’s schedule has been coordinated and the items selected have been gathered and prepared, we are ready for the big day!

The day has come and we make our way to the set. Firstly gather with everyone, the photographer and makeup artist, the models and us, we all run through a general brief of the day, set our intention and then release it into the space that is to host us for the next 7-8 hours.

It is important to us that the general mood on set is one of inspiration and creativity, we want everyone involved to feel comfortable expressing themselves and go to great lengths to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. Music and healthy snacks lighten up the mood and help inspiration turn into artistic creation.

It is a long yet satisfying day. We talk, dance, laugh, rest in between, eat and drink, and of course, create together!

It takes some time for us to get the photos back from the photographer. Once the photos are received, they need to be reviewed and examined. We look at every tweak and tweet, consider what the image reflects, projects and how it makes us feel, based on that, we select the photos that are best in-tune with the original message we are aiming to convey. This is how we build a repertoire of images which you will eventually see on your screen, but, believe it or not, there are a few more steps along the way before you get to enjoy the final result.

The images you see may be a moment frozen in time, but actually they are the product of many hours of thought, preparation and planning. They are the result of teamwork and brainstorming, and are the expression of the much deeper process on which they stand.