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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple Down Under Pt.2

We recently visited Australia and did a trip that was both a long time dream fulfilled, and a great opportunity to get to know yogis on the other side of the world.

You can read about the first days in Sydney here :)

After a few days of travelling on our own, we met up with Shree, who is a yoga teacher and a social media influencer, and If ever there was someone that could be described as a force of nature, it's this lady right here.

She's energetic, interesting, hectic, and took us to many lovely spots in Murwillumbah, near Byron Bay. 

(How great are the names of places in Australia?? Names like Nockatunga or Coonabarabran reminded us other challenging words we love, like Triang Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana).

Urban Shree

Shree crow

Double criss cross on the dock

In Brisbane, we met up with lovely Leanne, a very busy yoga teacher, Herbalist and Acupuncturist. She embodies so many values that we hold dear at Ripple - she is vegan (as are our dyes and fabrics), promotes body positivity (and general positivity), and believes natural = healthy.  

Leanne was a great reminder of why we love what we do. She is passionate, fun and creative, and you can already see a few more pics from our photo shoot with her on our facebook page.

We also had her try out a new item that we will be releasing soon! See if you can spot it here :)

Our last photoshoot was a bit of a surprise. 
We didn't have any more yogi fun days planned, and were just chilling in a café, where we started chatting to the beautiful woman that sat next to us. 

Our day with Rachel was such a lovely gift for all of us.
We asked to take her pictures as soon as we met her, and she suggested we go out to Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens. It's a massive park that is home to some of the biggest crystals in the world, with lush botanical gardens and loads of lovely little Zen surprises all around. 

We put on yoga jumpsuits and just strolled around the gardens, taking pictures of fun moments. No photoshoot, no outfit change, we did whatever we felt like doing, and took pictures of Rachel being her lovely self and enjoying the gorgeous location and wonderful weather.