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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple Down Under

G'Day yogis!

We recently returned from a month long trip in Australia, and are only just getting over the jetlag and adjusting back to life in the northern hemisphere.

This trip was an old dream come true; Adva, our head designer and owner, was waiting for the right time to go back, after travelling there as a young girl 20 years ago. 

It was lovely and exciting to bring this dream to life while focusing on yoga and on Ripple goals. We wanted to know more about Ozzie yogis, their needs and preferences, and the values they hold dear. 

On our first days in Sydney we met Camille, a lovely yogi who is currently doing a yoga teachers' course. Our photoshoots normally feature certified yoga teachers, but Camille amazed us with her vibrant personality before we even met her, and was all sunshine and good vibes when we hung out together. She's a yogini in her very core and was so in tune with our Ripple vibes - if you check out her Instagram we know you'll fall in love, too.


Next, we met up with Karina, who is an experienced yoga teacher who incorporates meditation, pranayama and sound medicine into her teaching, and promotes self-love and spiritual empowerment. 

She was our tour guide for the day, and took us to two lovely spots near Sydney Harbor, where we just set back and let her be her beautiful self. We highly recommend you read more about her, in her own words, here


It was a lovely lovely beginning to our trip, and such a beautiful way to get to know a place through its locals.

We'll share a bit more of this experience in future posts, and finish this one with some photos from our private Australia album, including one very friendly cheeky mate.