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Finding Strength Through Movement

2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

It's Raining Men...s Yoga Wear!

We've said it once and we'll proudly say it again, Ripple's clothing has always striven to be the right fit for everyone.
For all body types, shapes and style preferences!


The beginning was innocent...

Women who are fashion designers and yoga teachers came together to create an ideal garment for physical movement.



Young and ambitious, we trusted the flow of things as they unfolded, allowing ourselves to be swept with the momentum our dreams and intentions as they grew and developed into the essence of what is known today as

Ripple Yoga Wear!






Although initially Ripple's tendency was more towards women's yoga clothing, the thought of creating a harmonious audience of yoga practitioners of all kinds, including men, was always on our minds. It was only a matter of time for our hearts to lead us precisely in that direction.








And so, Alex Blake, A Ripple Ambassador, took our vision to the next level, and brought it to life!

Alex is trained in Vinyasa, Yin yoga, pre and post natal yoga, traditional Thai massage and many meditation techniques! That means that he literally lives in his yoga wear.







As a Minimalist, Alex picks and chooses what and how much to purchase. Ripple's approach for sustainability fits perfectly with his world view.  





Ripple's active yoga pants collection offers four versions of bottoms:

Out of trying to create an item that fits the general public, it no longer matters whether it was originally designed for women or men.
Our classic designs allow the one who wears it dictate the style.


Let's take this moment and dedicate it to men. In the dual world we live in as women, the reflections that the men in our lives give us are a catalyst for true self-development.
We are grateful for this and for all the brave men who choose a journey of transformation through the path of yoga.


As an active part of the growing global yoga community, we love and welcome everyone regardless of gender, preference, skin color or lifestyle.
Yoga is the practice of creating unity, and this is our way of instilling that value into our work.

Thank you,
Ripple family.