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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Japan - the Finale!

Meet Karen and Betia!

Two gorgeous yoga teachers from the U.S who caught the traveling bug, followed their hearts and passion to Japan, fell in love with it, and stayed. 

We initially reached out to Betia and set up to do a photoshoot on a lovely, sunny day in Tokyo. 

But the universe had other plans for us and on the morning we planned to shoot Betia, clouds filled the sky and rain came pouring down, forcing us to cancel the whole day.

We didn't want to miss our chance to collaborate with Betia as we were already taken by her good vibes and happy demeanor, and decided to do a little matchmaking, and set a joined photoshoot with Karen.

We thought it was a little bit daring, setting up two strangers for a joined photoshoot, but also felt like it was a little stroke of genius to put these two smiley yogis together...

Imagine our surprise when we found out they already know each other!

In hindsight, we should have guessed as they have so much in common, but in our defense - they are also so unique and different from each other. 

Taking training and workshops all over the world got Betia an open mind and heart and an endless source of knowledge.

On the other hand, Karen, with her background in dancing, offers a vast and versatile understanding of the body, creativity, and playfulness.

Karen with her firey, uplifting, energetic character and Betia with grounding and relaxed vibes created a perfect Yin Yang photoshoot.

Meeting these two inspiring women brought us a whole lot of appreciation for the diversity of teachers and the understanding that we can learn from everyone!