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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

The Art of Sizing

The practice of yoga teaches us to be mindful of our body, aware of our strengths and limitations, attentive to our sensitivities and injuries. There are a few things that are as powerful as yoga, in teaching us to practice and train our minds to love, accept and respect our body - and the wonderful things it can do.


For us at Ripple, making yoga clothing goes hand in hand with embodying yogi principles. We put a great deal of effort and attention into creating designs that breath, and are comfortable and flexible - so that they will be a great fit for a variety of body shapes and sizes. 

Happy Bodies

Want to figure out how to choose the right size and fit for your unique, beautiful self? We hope this little article will help!

What's My Size?

The first thing you need to do is measure yourself - here is how to do it right. Next, you can see where you fit within our size chart. Please note that while this chart represents our sizing guidelines, each one of our items has it's own specific size chart that takes into consideration the stretch of the fabric, the particular cut of the item, and fit preferences based on experience and feedback from yoga teachers and customers. 

Every one of our designs has a customized size recommendation feature - it's easy to use and can be extremely helpful in choosing the right fit for you!

Size Chart


Fit Preferences

We all have different preferences and feel comfortable in different fits. Ripple items can work great both as a tight fit or loose and slouchy. 

loose-tight fit

Our regular fit for all Slouchy Pants and jumpsuits should fit the same as it does the models on our website; the wide waistband should be snug and hold things in place (it's very comfortable and does not feel tight), while the hips area has a slouchy, relaxed look and feel. 

Regular fit

You can also set our size recommendation app preferences for a loose or slim fit. Depending on your specific measurements, you might find that it will give you 3 different recommendations, for 3 different fits!

fit preference

slim fit

If you go for a slim fit, you can expect the waistband to sit higher on your waist and the hips to be more fitted. With a tight fit, you can achieve a high-rise look that works perfectly with a tucked-in shirt. 

Tight Fit

Tight fit with tucked shirt

A loose fit should be slouchier at the hips, and has a more relaxed look, with the waistband sitting a little lower on the waist. 

loose fit

loose fit

You can also choose the right fit for you in our Jumpsuits, but we do recommend going for a regular or loose fit, rather than a slim one. The waistband is the tightest part of the jumpsuit, and the most important not to have too tight - when in doubt, go for a Loose fit at the waist.

loose and tight

Loose fit

Tight fit


Fabric and Fit

The different fabrics of our garments look and feel different on your skin, and can have an effect on the fit of the item. All of our fabrics are eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable, and are made to allow you a free and comfortable flow with no limitations - however, they do have slightly different characteristics.

Organic Cotton - healthy and natural, our Organic Cotton fabric is grown free of toxins. This fabric can sometimes feel a little tight or stiff at first, but very quickly becomes incredibly soft and lovely. It will expand a little with use, but will generally keep its form very well. 
If you size up for a loose fit, Organic Cotton will look great.

organic cotton

Stonewash Cotton - A thick fabric dyed in a process similar to jeans. Due to the unique coloring process, the fabric can feel tight at first but adapts to your body shape with wear, and you can expect it to expand and soften. 

Stonewash Cotton

Modal - A soft, stretchy natural fabric, produced from beech-tree pulp. The Modal fabric is very elastic, can easily stretch over the body and expand where needed, while keeping its form and shape over time.
If you're looking for a tight slim fit, we recommend Modal fabric.

Modal tight fit


My Unique Features

Please set your worries aside, as we here at Ripple understand the variety of body types and preferences. We truly believe that yoga contains and embraces everything and every-body.

Our sizes go up to XL, and we recently added an XXL jumpsuit. We are working on adding more sizes to all of our items, and hope to release those soon.  

XL jumpsuit

XXL jumpsuit

If for any reason you feel like the jumpsuit might not be a good fit, we suggest going for a "deconstructed jumpsuit":
A combination of our criss-cross tank top with a pair of slouchy yoga pants will allow you to fit the features of this look to your size and preference. You can also mix things up with any other top!

This is a great option if you want a tight fit and worry about the waistband being too tight, or if you've been blessed with a bootylicious shape or an "ample endowment" (a phrase so joyfully used by a Ripple yogi, we can't get enough of it).

Deconstructed Jumpsuit

Deconstructed jumpsuit

Deconstructed Jumpsuit

Our items are tried and tested by Ripple yogis and yoga teachers, and the sizing scale is based on real bodies of various types, sizes, and shapes. While items will obviously look and fit differently on each one of us, we are very very happy to say that when it comes to height, we feel like we've done a great job catering to everyone!

Our studio employees (and size test bunnies) range from 4'10'' (147cm) to 5'10'' (180cm), and all of our slouchy pants and jumpsuits work wonderfully on all heights and lengths. For your convenience, we have the inseam of all of our pants and jumpsuits mentioned in their respective size charts.

Saho is 4'11'' (150cm), Florina is 5'5'' (165cm),  and Coral is 5'11'' (180cm).




Our extra-long pants, for example, are one of our most versatile items when it comes to height - shorter yogis will have a bit more fabric gathered around the ankles, while taller yogis will find that they FINALLY have pants long enough to cover their shins.

Extra long!

Be Comfortable!

The bottom line is that we are all unique in our own special way, we have different bodies and preferences. We at Ripple believe that we need to listen to ourselves and our preferences when we choose the item and style, and most importantly, to love ourselves and our bodies.

If you like it slouchy and loose, don't be afraid to size up. Want it skin tight? Go for it (preferably in Modal fabric)!

We understand that getting the right fit isn't always easy, and we encourage you to contact us for assistance. We are an eclectic and diverse team of yogis with very different features and preferences. We live, breath and practice in Ripple clothes, and are happy to adhere to the needs of yogis all over the world. We learn and improve through your input and questions, and are always very very happy to help.