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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

Ripple Circle Necklace - By Hadas Shallom

Our relationship with Hadas Shallom comes from a very special connection. She’s the mother of one of our Ripple girls and one of the amazing local artists we are fortunate to be around.

The gold heart necklace tells the story of the women tribe. A story of connection, of tradition passing from one generation to the next. The combination of clay and gold embodies the essence of the feminine spirit, that of grounding and beauty.

For the new collection release, we were looking for gifts that will suit the girls we collaborated with and make them feel part of our circle. We immediately thought of Hadas. Together we came up with this round design with an embedded gold/silver circle.

Just as ripples in the water we keep going back to these circles in our logo and graphic designs. We feel it represents our vision of simplicity, calmness and wholeness and symbolizes the ripple effect precisely.

The materials used for this design also speak in the same tone as our collection. The clay that comes from the earth gives that grounding effect we appreciate so dearly.