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The Stonewash Collection - A New Shape of View

Dive into the process behind this collection

One of our most loved fabrics is the Stonewash cotton. We took colors from our classic palette and brought them to new items. We combined some of our bestselling items with a few basic pieces and came up with this five piece collection.

The collection includes: Stone wash Racer-Back Bra, Stonewash Racer Tank Top, Stonewash Loose Box Top, Ribbed Cuff Yoga Pants and Stonewash Mini-Harem Yoga Pants.


Stonewashing is a textile manufacturing process that gives an existing item a worn-out look.
This process helps to increase the softness and flexibility of otherwise stiff and rigid fabrics such as canvas and denim.

In the past this process included big stones to soften the fabric in use. The fabric went into an industrial washing machine that was filled up with stones. As the machine rotated, the cloth fibers were repeatedly pounded and beaten as the tumbling stones rode up and fell back down on the fabric.

Our biggest inspiration is Mother Earth. We choose our colors to celebrate our relationship with the planet. We observe, touch, and feel the different natural elements and draw inspiration to the names of the items and color palette: Smoked Jade, Ice, Navy, Dark Grey, and Light Grey.

Because of this appreciation, the photoshoot for this collection took place in the lowest point on Earth - the Dead Sea.

We chose this location because we find it’s important to give a spotlight and focus to the powerful nature that surrounds us.

The Dead Sea is at risk of extinction and as a brand, it is important for us to bring to our customers' knowledge of the beauty and uniqueness of this spot. As well as to raise the awareness of the dire state of this natural wonder.

In order to reduce waste, in our process we first sew the item itself from cotton fabric before dyeing it - this way we don't dye excess fabric that ultimately won’t be part of the product.

Unlike the traditional method, today the dyeing process is done with different kinds of eco-friendly pigments that come in the form of powder. In our studio we mix different pigments to get to the right tone for every item.

The look that comes out is of a worn-out fabric, soft-looking colors, and a more natural feel. Because the dyes are not evenly distributed every piece is like a one-of-a-kind item.

We hope you enjoy this new collection as much as we enjoyed creating it!