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2023 Ripple's Year of Reflection

A minimalist view - by Sarit Sela

One of our core values is sustainability, which holds in it the idea of minimal waste.
Sarit’s connection with Ripple started with this shared worldview.

Sarit is a minimalist, visual content creator & certified KonMari™ consultant.

She turned her passion into a profession on Instagram by creating visual content for design & lifestyle brands and teaching businesses how to brand themselves through this platform.

Live a life that sparks joy: The KonMari method™ was created by the tidying expert Marie Kondo. This method is about tidying by category rather than by location, starting with clothes, books, paper, Komono (miscellaneous items) and the final category is sentimental. KonMari is not just another tidying method, it’s a lifestyle.

The KonMari Principles

Tidying by category, not by location - order it by clothes, books, paper, miscellaneous sentimental

Commitment to the tidying festival &
Imagine your ideal lifestyle

Finish tidying first before moving to storage

For Ripple the choice not to produce a new collection every season comes from this minimal waste worldview. We believe in timeless items, those go-to pieces that fit your ideal lifestyle.

Our choice of materials also reflect these values, in choosing sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and dyes.
We love seeing how our customers connect to this message, it fills us with hope for the future of this beautiful planet and a strength to carry on with our mission.